Announcing the release of “Declutter Your Mess Today: How Khim Moved From Mayhem to Minimalism and Found Happiness” by Khim Sim Tan

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Announcing the release of “Declutter Your Mess Today: How Khim Moved From Mayhem to Minimalism and Found Happiness” by Khim Sim Tan

August 10
17:38 2020

This anecdote-filled book serves as inspiration to clutter-bugs and hoarders who despair of ever getting their life in order. That is because Khim Sim herself was a hoarder for a large part of her life, so much so, she was a guest on the UK TV programme Hoarders in February 2020. She fully understands what a challenge decluttering is and her stories and tips are grounded in her lived experiences.

Khim Sim knows that clutter stands in the way between you and the life you want to live. In actual fact, clutter takes over your life, and she shares valuable, practical, no-nonsense tips that you can implement immediately. Valuable tips include committing yourself to small steps such as clearing away a plastic bag full of clutter every day. The key is consistency and not giving up.

Another important tip is recognizing when to ask for help, which Khim Sim did, when she acknowledged that clutter had taken over her life. She consulted declutter coaches, the Declutter Divas, and had to do it twice, once in 2013 and the second time in 2018, because she realized that unless change happens on the inside, it’s easy to get side-tracked and give in to hoarding again.

As part of her inner journey, Khim Sim discerned that her hoarding was linked to a lack of self-worthiness. As the middle child and one who underwent a difficult birth, she was blamed for the marital woes her mother faced. When she became a successful teacher to special needs kids, she bought duplicates of every outfit to prove to herself she was worthy.

Her journey to minimalism began when her marriage failed and she had to put her house up for sale. But along the way as she decluttered both on the outside and on the inside, she found love again and remarried in 2019. As she freed up the rooms in her house, she regained control of her life and found the space and just as importantly, the energy, to focus on what truly mattered. 

Allyson and Zoe, Founders of Declutter Divas said: 

“This book is a testimony of Khim Sim’s journey from struggling to survive with so much stuff and emotional baggage to one of dedication to achieve freedom from all of her clutter and to gain motivation for life experiences, and not that of material items. It is incredible to see how far Khim Sim has come and we are extremely proud of her achievement. “ 

Khim Sim resides in the UK and is now living out her passion to help you declutter so that you can live a life filled with purpose, not possessions. 

If you would like to consult with her on declutter coaching or consulting, please visit her website

Her book Declutter Your MessToday: How Khim Moved From Mayhem to Minimalism and Found Happiness is available on




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