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August 11
17:53 2020 Asks: How Do Dash Cameras Improve Fleet Management

Fleet owners face liabilities each time a driver gets on the road. The businesses must rely on their drivers to manage deliveries and avoid liabilities that could prove costly for the company. Unfortunately, some drivers don’t comply with federal laws and regulations. A dash camera could be the tool that helps the company reveal unethical drivers faster. 

Monitoring All Drivers in the Trucks

Monitoring all drivers in fleet trucks shows the owner what happens every day. While some drivers are trustworthy, fleet owners cannot take chances with their trucks or their business. The dash cameras allow the owner to peek in on their drivers whenever and see what the drivers are doing. It is a strategic way to pinpoint all unethical drivers that are breaking the law according to 

Identifying the Driver’s Location

Identifying the driver’s location helps the business give customers updates. Customers want to know when to expect their deliveries, and the cameras track the exact location of the truck. The business owner gives their clients real-time information about the delivery and when the driver should pull up to their property. Lytx Empowers Optimal Fleet Visibility Through Video Telematics and helps business owners maintain more control over their services.

Recording Any Violations of FMCSA Regulations

Recording any violation of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations gives the owner details to fire drivers for violations. The laws require all commercial drivers to log their hours when operating an 18-wheeler. Federal laws require the drivers to take an eight-hour rest period after a 12-to-14-hour driving day. A failure to comply with the federal regulations places the business owner at risk for penalties. A non-compliant driver that causes a wreck because of exhausted driving leaves the company vulnerable to lawsuits. Business owners read more details here about how the cameras track non-compliant drivers.

Reviewing the Driver’s Log Electronically

Reviewing the driver’s log electronically shows the fleet owner what details the driver enters. It is a great way to find discrepancies that leave the company open to federal penalties. Consultants recommend that the business refrains from informing their drivers about the cameras initially. The strategy reveals what drivers follow the law and what drivers are a liability to the business. Testing the cameras helps the business learn what information it can collect about its drivers. To test the cameras, business owners contact a vendor such as Lytx now. 

Mitigating Serious Risks for the Trucking Company

Mitigating serious risks for the trucking company prevents major financial losses. 18-wheeler accidents, non-compliant drivers, and failures to stop at weigh stations are the most common liabilities for fleet owners. Dash cameras could provide help for companies, and the businesses can avoid lawsuits more proactively. 

Trucking companies need help in evaluating their drivers. Finding out how well the drivers follow federal regulations shows the company if each driver is trustworthy. A dash camera shows vital details about the vehicle and the driver’s actions. Installing a dash camera could provide a safeguard for the fleet company and mitigate prevailing risks more proactively.

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