The book “Pandemic of the World 2020” by Jhosep Farfan gives useful advice on finance, health and relationships in these difficult times

August 15 05:12 2020

Written by Jhosep Farfan, “Pandemic of the World 2020” is a book about the on-going pandemic, COVID-19. This is the debut book of Jhosep Farfan, who analysed the current crisis from a constructive point of view and decided to pen it down for the readers, in order to provide practical response to the spreading of the pandemic to almost every part of the world.

Jhosep Farfan began to write from a very young age about politics, technology, literature, and poetry and has always been passionate about arts and social sciences. He is currently studying economics in London, along with carrying out projects on technological start-ups. His wit and perceptive intelligence eventually led him to write his debut book “Pandemic of the World”. 

For Jhosep Farfan, the idea of everything shutting down due to a pandemic was rather than absurd. According to him, modern technology seemed to be so advance today that could fight and achieve anything. Mankind has gone to the moon and came back; it has built skyscrapers that touch the sky; and traveling has become faster than the speed of sound. With all these developments, the idea of the world being seriously hit by a pandemic seemed impossible to him, just like most of us in the beginning.

“Every day the percentage of cases increased and increased until becoming exponential; politicians around the world started the lockdowns and people began to die by thousands. Therefore, I decided to write a book to provide advice on Finance, Health, and Relationships, three aspects of human life that have been altered by the quarantine and social distance measures”, says Jhosep Farfan, describing the motivation for writing this book. 

The book “Pandemic of the World” is a collection of 10 real stories based on real experiences of people who, although, were affected by the pandemic, could overcome the adversities. The author managed to write the stories citing the best examples of courage, love, and audacity, which are very encouraging and inspiring during tough times.

Published on May 20, 2020, the digital length of the book “Pandemic of the World 2020” is 82 pages and the printing version is  compounded by 111 pages. It is available in the English language and the audiobook is being produced to be released in the following days. Jhosep Farfan took out time to personally interview the people, whom he calls the ‘protagonists’ of the stories in his book, in order to make everything as realistic as possible for the readers. He has written this book after intensive research about the virus and pandemics’ history, based on which he has found out some great trivia on the subject.

This book is a great read for anyone who want to get ingenious pieces of advice to deal with the current situation.

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