Fit 360™ Brands set to launch two new fitness products

August 15 05:13 2020
Providers of innovative fitness and rehabilitation products, Fit 360™ Brands, introduces new fitness inventions – RockitFit360™ and Twistme360™

Fit 360™ Brands is looking to disrupt the health and fitness industry with the launch of two innovative inventions: the RockitFit360™ and Twistme360™.  These two dynamic, portable and affordable products  will change the way people get healthier, fit and rehabilitate by solving the problem of exercise boredom and creating entirely new movements not seen before in home fitness.   

There has been an increasing demand for premium quality and effective home fitness solutions in recent times. This can be largely attributed to the unfortunate rise in health issues often related to obesity, living a sedentary lifestyle and now the recent pandemic.  Enter the Twistme360™ ~ the world’s first full body adjustable friction resistance twisting motion product made to be used standing up or seated on the lap or table top. The TwistMe 360™ is designed to help in eliminating pain and inflammation in the hips and lower back while also strengthening the core and entire body.

The RockitFit360™ is the world’s first full body fitness product based on rocking technology.  The stress relieving, therapeutic quality and enjoyment of stand up rocking, combined with body weight muscle strengthening and cardio, will compete with mainstays in the industry such as the elliptical and treadmill.

CEO Michael Whitis has been a bodybuilder, trainer, inventor/ entrepreneur in the fitness arena for over 50 years. He is credited with pioneering the use of elastic bands for resistance by creating the portable Space Gym, which was sold in over 1600 retailers. Michael trained many celebrities on his invention, including Dallas’s Larry Hagman and Linda Gray, Beachboy Brian Wilson, and Miami Vice’s Don Johnson.  Promoting dynamic new strength and rehabilitation products to individuals of all ages and stages of fitness has been his mission.  

Other future products from the Fit360™ brands include the rotational Wringo360™, the Torque360™, and the Orbital360™.

For more information and investor inquiries, please visit – and give Michael a call ~ (919) 437-2235. Thank you!

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