BeamMed Rolls Out a Brand New, Major and Faster Upgrade “1-Cycle Express” for MiniOmni Portable Bone Density Scanner

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BeamMed Rolls Out a Brand New, Major and Faster Upgrade “1-Cycle Express” for MiniOmni Portable Bone Density Scanner

August 16
05:16 2020
BeamMed Rolls Out a Brand New, Major and Faster Upgrade "1-Cycle Express" for MiniOmni Portable Bone Density Scanner

The Flagship Bone Sonometer by BeamMed, “MiniOmni”
The already reliable and user-friendly MiniOmni bone density scanner now features even faster scanning of patients for osteoporosis screenings.

The flagship bone sonometer by BeamMed, “MiniOmni,” is an economical and professional solution for screening of osteoporosis with incredibly accurate and reliable results. This month, BeamMed released the exciting new upgrade called “1-Cycle Express”. The main strength of this new cutting-edge improvement is the rapid scan time for bone density results, which is less than 1 minute, and as expected, user feedback has been excellent!

MiniOmni offers proven safety with its radiation-free scanning, provides precise results, has insanely low cost, and higher portability. Plus, it can be connected to the physician’s own computer, and now with the recent enhancement, it works with Windows 10 global update as well. Some of the immediate benefits of the new upgrade include:

  • The operator scans the patient in 1-cycle, which takes less than 1 minute
  • Less training time
  • Improves HEDIS OMW Stars quality measures, Close Gaps, even faster
  • Extends the ultrasound probe’s life (as the number of scans now reduced to less than 1 versus 3-5 previously)
  • Daily routine quality check is also only 1-Cycle (saves users even more time!)

Bottom line, this latest “1-Cycle Express” upgrade in the MiniOmni is a complete game-changer when it comes to speedy scans and precise results. This saves a lot of time for all the operators, mobile providers, medical assistants, nurse practitioners, or physicians, on a daily basis, allowing them to test more patients.

To know more about BeamMed or to procure their products, contact them via 800-769-6808, +972 (3) 923 6869 or visit their website

About BeamMed:

BeamMed develops, manufactures, and markets bone density assessment solutions. In particular, they lead the market with advanced ultrasound technology and portable bone density devices that enable physicians to provide early assessment, diagnosis, and monitoring of osteoporosis and to assess bone development. Their devices leverage the patented Omnipath™ axial transmission technology that effectively screens for osteoporosis and improves HEDIS measures, allowing reaching 5-stars rating for HEDIS OMW.

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