Maropost: Surviving and thriving in a global pandemic

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Maropost: Surviving and thriving in a global pandemic

August 16
05:55 2020
Maropost: Surviving and thriving in a global pandemic

Ross Paquette – Modern Leader & Entrepreneur

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Ross Paquette says Maropost will come out of the pandemic stronger

The Coronavirus pandemic has affected business large and small in all corners of the globe and as governments start to ease lockdowns there are concerns about the long-term economic impact of the virus. But for Maropost CEO Ross Paquette, the priority throughout has been the welfare of staff and customers.

Paquette says that maintaining healthy environments to support people during the pandemic has been the single most important factor in getting through the crisis. With clients still keen to get messages out, sell their products and keep in contact with customers, the demand for Maropost’s core business has not been adversely affected in the same way as some other companies and Paquette says Marketing Automation, Ecommerce, and Transactional services would be the last to go in any situation as they are services that people rely on even more when they can no longer physically interact with their clients, and he sees the role of Maropost in these unprecedented time as one of providing guidance and support to some of those businesses who are most vulnerable to the effects of a global pandemic. Paquette has nonetheless been faced with trying to deliver a high standard of service to clients under strict operating restrictions such as social distancing, which has made managing his own staff more challenging. For many of his clients he is.

Lockdown restrictions have forced Paquette to find new and innovative ways to keep in contact with his staff and to keep up morale. But Maropost is a business which was designed to be able to thrive and achieve growth in all circumstances and in all conditions and this forward-thinking approach to business is something that has stood the company in good stead in these challenging times. It’s a philosophy which put Maropost where it is today and has been validated throughout the Coronavirus pandemic.

Like all of us, Paquette has found the inability to leave home a struggle, but he’s remained positive by exercising and not focusing too much on the news – something which he thinks can increase negativity in times such as these. Paquette is a huge believer in positive energy and in maintaining the correct balance on your life between work and leisure. As a keen sportsman himself, Paquette recognizes the benefits of downtime to stay refreshed and motivated in the workplace, and he says that it’s these attributes that help make people successful in what they do. He puts his own success down to tackling problems head on and with confidence and he tries to instil this in his staff to empower them to achieve.

For his own part, he enjoys his entrepreneurial lifestyle and thrives on the positivity that comes from solid customer relationships. He realizes how important working relationships with staff and customers are key to the continued success of Maropost, and that keeping everyone happy, committed and working towards a common goal is the role of a leader. He also recognizes the need to look to the future and to adapt a business to thrive in the current market and to prepare for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. He believes that Covid-19 has accelerated the retail apocalypse and, for many, has changed their purchasing habits for years to come. And he believes that this is a fact that retailers need to acknowledge and embrace in order to move forward successfully.

With that in mind, Paquette has grand plans for the future and is constantly thinking about how things could be done differently or better. An example of this is Maropost CARES, a non-profit organization focusing on environmental concerns and other programs to keep the planet free from the pollution.

For Maropost the Coronavirus pandemic has been a time of inconvenience rather than panic. And in keeping with the philosophy of the company, has also been a time to focus on the positives and to use what some would call ‘downtime’ to focus on growth in research and product development. It is this desire to succeed no matter what the circumstances that marks Paquette out as an entrepreneur of exceptional vision and unprecedented success in North America and across the world. When the pandemic is over, I expect Maropost to emerge stronger, more resilient and with an even brighter future to look forward to.

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