24-year-old songstress uses music to forge cross-cultural connections amidst COVID-19 crisis

August 17 02:33 2020
24-year-old songstress uses music to forge cross-cultural connections amidst COVID-19 crisis

Paige Young

Talented American singer, Paige Young, looks to bridge the gap between cultures using music with her latest project – “Music Connects”

Paige Young is looking to use music to heal the world by breaking geographical barriers and collaborating with other artists across the globe to create message-filled, thought-provoking songs, with the launch of “Music Connects” project. Paige’s move is coming at the best possible time, considering the devastating impact of the COVID-19 virus and how it has affected all spheres of life.

The coronavirus has been devastating. I’ve seen its effects personally. It has harmed my loved ones and put a stop to our lives,” Paige said. “We can’t hold shows. We can’t connect with audiences. I didn’t even think we could connect,” she continued.

The move by Paige was hugely inspired by her discovery on the internet as artists worldwide struggled due the virus. After speaking and connecting with artists all over the globe, Paige began to realize they were far apart, but not so different. She found that they all shared similar frustrations, fears, hopes, and goals. “I thought, ‘Hey – why not turn this terrible situation into an opportunity for growth?’” Paige stated.

I was so surprised by the response! I’ve connected with producers from Mexico, singers from Korea, rappers from England, and musicians from Malaysia. I’m hoping for even more”. The final goal is to have a full length album with contributions from all over the world.

The first work off the upcoming album is a hip-hop single titled “Chase Me.” The track is engineered by Angelo Q, who has worked alongside many celebrated artists, including heavy-hitters Madonna, Omarion, and Missy Elliot. The producer is based in Bolivia and the song features Jaybig, a Korean rapper with ties to the famous “High School Rapper” TV series. “If you had told me I would be making songs in Korean, I would never have believed you,” Paige Young expresses her surprise by her journey. 

Paige is, however, no stranger to the entertainment business as her label, YOUNG! Music, is a branch of a family-owned Entertainment/Production Company, Joe Young Studios. Over the years, she has overseen the company’s business alongside her father, studio head, and nationally-recognized producer, Joseph Young, Jr. Joe Young Studios is responsible for many massive entertainment projects, including development of the world’s longest comic strip, national bestselling novels, billboard-chart topping boyband NK5 and Hartford’s first major home grown feature film, Diamond Ruff. 

Amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, Paige realized the incredible power of music and she aims to use it as a tool to connect the world. If her viral YouTube channel “Paige Young! Music” is any indication, then one could say she is on her way to achieving greatness, with millions of views worldwide.

I think this is something pop-culture is ready for! Dope tunes connecting cultures. The world is ready! This kind of thing is especially important now,” said Paige.

Will she succeed in further bridging cultural gaps? Only time will tell.

“Chase Me” is currently available on YouTube for lovers of good music worldwide.

For more information about Paige Young, “Music Connects,” and her several other projects, please visit – http://www.paigeyoungmusic.com/.

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