Slaylebrity: An Ideal Luxury handmade gift Shopping Site

September 04 05:12 2020
Think of Slaylebrity by the Slay Network as your cooler older sibling who travels the globe to find all of the trendiest handmade items. You’ll find hundreds of unique custom made items as well as extreme luxury watches and even exotic cars.

Slaylebrity platform also doubles up as a VIP member based social network. Think of it as a luxury playground for millionaires and billionaires. Shopping at the platform is like having your very own personal stylist concierge 24/7 at your beck and call. Everything found on the platform is out of this world and extraordinary. We’d be willing to bet your friends will keep going “oh my God, where did you find this? It’s incredible” when they see you in anything from Slaylebrity.

Luxury sellers selling extremely expensive items will also love this platform. You are basically provided with a Luxury marketplace where you could trade intensively in the products you wantas long as it meets the no risk criteria. It is time you amplify your income channels in a social marketplace that targets the right crowd. The type of membership registered for determines the kind of services a subscriber can enjoy.

Membership ranges from Bronze, Silver, Gold and lastly Black which all vary in cost and privileges. Bronze, Silver, and Gold memberships each respectively cost $12000, $18000 and $60000 for an entire year. Black membership, on the other hand, is for the famous elite and here you do not just enjoy the discounts associated with it but also increase your referral fee for every new member that signs with this lucrative Affiliate network today after you refer them. So this is more than just shopping, referral fee represents your effortless earnings which you earn from Referral programs and could improve your economic status, incredible right? With a black card, you also get to have the ultra elite status of being a bonafide slaylebrity black membership holder and be exposed to more discounts and exposure besides improving your net worth.

What is the event? Wedding, birthdays or just a get together regardless of whatever the function is, you can always shop for luxury gifts today at Slaylebrity and impress your loved ones. This affiliate program is perfect for luxury shopping especially for ultra  high-end extravagant goods and services. Do not miss the chance to showcase love to your spouse, family, and friends today, find high-quality everything and gifts at this global Shopping Club. 

Visit the website at to get the knowledge about Affiliate network.

Luxury shopping and referral opportunities in this affiliate program are open to all qualifying entrants globally.  This shopping powerhouse is not just dedicated to satisfy your need but do so delightfully. Apply for membership today and enjoy the wide scope of possibilities and privileges you could benefit from today as a member of the Slaylebrity affiliate program.

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