Turning Passion Into Business With Business And Lifestyle Coach Neka Terlane

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Turning Passion Into Business With Business And Lifestyle Coach Neka Terlane

September 17
11:04 2020
Neka Terlane helps women explore their inner goddess through coaching and meaningful tools

Most of us have dreams that we want to chase, but only a few actually take the steps in order to achieve those goals and realize their dreams. For the most part, the reason for this is because people generally get overwhelmed and don’t’ know where to start. Neka Terlane, a business and lifestyle coach, is on a mission to help other women turn their dreams into reality by providing them access to tools that they can use and help them shift their mindsets from scarcity to abundance.

Neka Terlane is a mom and is in the business of helping other people – specifically women who want to discover and explore their true goals. A lot of women have aspirations of being a smart and well-rounded business woman, but often encounter mental roadblocks that hinder them to pursue these passions. Whether it’s having a solid idea but don’t know how to package it into an sellable, high value offer or not knowing how to align your brand with the business itself – Neka Terlane provides you with practical tools that can help you figure out a lot of the problems in your business. Not only that, she also helps you rewire your mindset so you can free yourself from the mental roadblocks that are preventing you from achieving your highest potential.

It happens. Sometimes you have a big idea but you don’t know how to position yourself and your business. There are also times where you’re just not sure how to create a lead magnet that can increase the number of email subscribers or you’ve plateaued in the number of sales and need a strategic plan to generate new or more sales. A lot of times, you’re stuck in a sea of mental blocks and analysis paralysis — so you’re having trouble finding your groove and moving forward with the business. Neka Terlane knows and has experienced all these and more. As your business and lifestyle coach, she will drive your motivation and build up your confidence so you can find it within yourself to continue towards your goals.

Neka knows what it’s like running a coaching business but also knows what it’s like to have the feeling that you may not be good enough for your dreams, the feeling of defeat, the feeling of desperation, and the feeling of being judged for who you are. Slowly but surely, with the right mindset and focus, she went from being stuck in a habit of seeking perfection and looking to others for validation to becoming an unstoppable woman who is truly living in her passion and purpose. This transition has allowed Neka to lead other women to do the same.

Are you ready to take control of your life and business and dive deep into the energy of your powerful and abundant inner goddess? Learn more about Neka Terlane’s coaching services at

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Neka Terlane is a business and lifestyle coach that helps and leads other women to explore their inner goddess and turn their dreams into reality.

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