What Is a Carbon Offset and How Does It Work According to

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What Is a Carbon Offset and How Does It Work According to

September 17
12:19 2020
What Is a Carbon Offset and How Does It Work According to

Scientists have reached a consensus on global warming. No matter what climate deniers and other conspiracy theorists have to say about it, it is real, and its impacts could be devastating. Climate change is already leading to crop failures, changing weather patterns, stronger storms, rising sea levels, and widespread extinction events. Carbon offsets are an easy way for business owners and individuals to help reduce their impacts on the environment to help stave off climate change.

What Are Carbon Offsets?

The emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere is accelerating the effects of global warming, but according to, carbon offsets may be able to help. When businesses or individuals are unable to avoid human activities that require burning fossil fuels, they can help to balance it out by ensuring that the excess carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere gets neutralized. Basically, businesses and individuals who have larger carbon footprints can buy credits from organizations dedicated to reducing the impacts of climate change. The end result is carbon neutrality.

How Do They Work?

Carbon offsets can be purchased and sold through platforms like Cool Effect. Each offset is equal to a decrease of one metric ton of CO2. The offsets are measured in tons of carbon dioxide equivalents, which are often abbreviated to CO2e. Business owners and individuals can click here to find out more about how to start trading carbon offsets.

Benefits of Carbon Neutrality

When entities and individuals invest in carbon neutrality, they’re doing their part to reduce the impacts of human beings on the global ecosystem. Projects can include investments in wind farms or hydro-power plants, afforestation, and the safe disposal of industrial or agricultural byproducts. These projects can have immediate or long-term effects, but all of them have one thing in common: their aim is to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

The benefits of investing in carbon offsets go beyond broad advantages for the planet. Businesses and individuals can also improve their brands’ reputations, attract more eco-conscious customers, clients, and partners, get a better grip on their own carbon footprints, and determine whether internal carbon emission reductions would be more cost-efficient. Since it’s virtually impossible for most businesses to reduce their emissions to zero, even the most environmentally conscious companies typically invest in carbon offsets to help reduce their footprints.

What to Look for in a Project

Some platforms that trade carbon offsets allow business owners and individual consumers to decide how they want to invest their money. When this is the case, look for projects that provide real results instead of displacing emissions elsewhere. It’s also important that the project’s results or potential future carbon dioxide reductions be verifiable by third-parties to ensure that they are feasible and effective. When looking into Carbon Neutrality for Individuals and Businesses – is just one resource. Don’t be afraid to branch out.

The Bottom Line

Climate change is no longer just one possible scenario for the future of humanity. It’s here, and it’s already wreaking havoc. Carbon offsets offer business owners who can’t completely eliminate all emissions to do their part when it comes to damage control.

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