Medical Tourism Remains on the Rise Amid the Pandemic

September 14 20:26 2021

Medical tourism is the practice of leaving one country and entering another country for a medical appointment, treatment, or procedure. The practice of medical tourism has been rising dramatically over the last ten years. Though travel restrictions at the beginning of the pandemic may have slowed it down for a moment, it’s picking up steam again for a few reasons.

Though the pandemic is still a significant concern and impacting daily lives worldwide, some things have improved since the beginning. There are vaccines now that are making sure that the virus is less deadly. There is now enough information to know what things genuinely help prevent catching and spreading covid, and they aren’t challenging to implement. Travel is picking back up, and along with it, so is medical tourism.

Cardiovascular treatments are among the top things that people are willing to travel for. There is speculation that says one reason this is popular right now is that the medical facilities in the western world are significantly overloaded. For example, many places in the US are restricting just what types of appointments and procedures can be done right now, meaning that someone with a cardiovascular problem may be losing critical time due to the system being overloaded by covid.

Other countries have different medical facilities where they specialize in things like cardiovascular health and aren’t overwhelmed by the pandemic, so appointment wait times are dramatically faster.

“It’s important to get cardiovascular issues dealt with as quickly as possible. The longer a patient waits to deal with the problem, the more likely it will develop into a much bigger issue. Even if it doesn’t start as life-threatening, having to wait to receive medical care may end up with it being a threat to a patient’s life,” According to a spokesperson.

Traveling to Singapore may seem counterintuitive for some; it may be the fastest way to get the right heart doctor and treatment. There is an increase in private practices opening in locations like Singapore, where they can offer all the same treatments and surgical options you would find at a larger medical center.

Affordability is another driving factor in medical tourism. Because health care costs in western countries are skyrocketing, it is possible that traveling even with all the extra costs like accommodations may end up being the better option, especially for those who are paying their medical expenses out of pocket.

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