Trading Running Shoes for Running Stocks – Background Story of Matt Giannino Founder of Market Moves

November 26 06:38 2021
Previously Professional runner and seasoned options trader, Matt Giannino, took the time to share the backstory behind his growing options trading brand Market Moves.

It was in 2016, when Matt suffered his first stress fracture, he first became exposed to the idea of day trading the stock market as a potential income stream.  Pursuing running forced Matt to be creative with how he could make money and avoid the regular 9-5 job.  After multiple terrible internships, he did everything in his power to never work for a corporation.  Having to think outside the box Matt attempted to resell goods on Amazon, become a photographer, create a startup, along with many more failed attempts to create income.  Running out of options before needing to get a full time job, his life was changed in one conversation.    

“I was introduced to the idea of day trading by my dad and a close friend, Nick back in Boston. I had skipped my race because I was too injured to run, and they were debating trading the stock market day-to-day versus long-term investing,” explains Matt.  That day was the first day he ever heard about trading stocks at the age of 24 years old.

“For someone working a part-time job that paid very little, it seemed like a highly risky venture. Still, I was sparked, and taking a deep dive into options trading seemed like a good way to spend my time recovering from my injury. So, I started trading with everything I had, literally. My portfolio was up 50% in the first few weeks, and I felt like a genius.”

However, it didn’t take long before Matt’s impressive gains withered away to nothing.

“I ended up losing everything trading options. So, I took a breather and waited for a few paychecks to roll in before trying again. Not long after that, the same thing happened; I stumbled hard and sent another account to zero.”

“It was a miserable time, but I was determined to continue my financial education. I mean tons of people owe $80,000 in student loans. I just paid $4,000 to the hypothetical “trading university”. Seemed like a cheaper education in my opinion. One day, I may see my portfolio swinging $4,000 a day.” 

Fast forward to 2021, and Matt has been free from his part-time teaching job for 4 years, gotten married, and grown his account from $40,000 to $200,000 (proof linked here).

“For the first time ever, I paid myself $100k profit. We tend to sweat the small stuff and forget the possibilities. I knew from day one that I would triumph. It’s this journey that inspires me to share my experience as a day trader with others.”  Matt learned everyone’s journey is different, some people never make money, some people make $100k in one day, some people give up early, and some people just do it because they love it.   It is important to know you may never be able to replicate someone’s results but we can always learn from their mistakes and success.

“Nowadays, I spend most of my time trading, big surprise. I also post content on YouTube every week teaching traders everything I know about options trading and setups as well as offering free courses on my website. It’s the best of both worlds; thanks to Market Moves Matt, I get to trade, teach, and connect with amazing people,” concludes Matt.  Matt realizes how while money can come easily it can be quite meaningless in the long run.  That is why he prioritizes sharing his journey, knowledge, and best opportunities in books, videos, courses, and more.


Matt Giannino is a previously professional runner, financial entrepreneur, and the man behind the popular option trading brand Market Moves Matt. 

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