Anime Enthusiasts Introduce Official Merchandise Shop Start-Up after Surging Popularity Sends Japanese Anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion, High Up in Charts

January 06 00:09 2022
After the television series was adapted from the manga and available to watch on Netflix, the mecha anime series, Evangelion, quickly shot to stardom. This acclamation was quickly followed by devoted fans who set up a merchandise store in its honor, run by the fans, for the fans.

USA – With the high rate of animes being released and others in production, creativity, and uniqueness in an anime is hard to come by. Every time an anime appears in the market, another idea is taken off the table and people are less likely to watch shows with overused or generic plots. Yet still, writers and producers of the Japanese mecha anime television series, Neon Genesis Evangelion, managed to put together a masterpiece that incorporated several unusual concepts to bring forth something innovative. Dealing with ideas such as psychoanalytic accounts of human behavior proposed by Freud and Jung and taking into account various global religions, it gained critical acclaim but also garnered controversy.

The storyline is set fifteen years after a worldwide cataclysm where a boy, Shinji, is recruited by his father to a shadow organization known as ‘Nerv’ to help in the war against other-worldly beings, the ‘Angels’. Shinji, with his bio-machine named ‘Evangelion’, is set to prevent the Angels from causing any more cataclysms. The anime aims to explore the experiences of Evangelion pilots and the members of Nerv in their quest to stop the Angels. The psychological, apocalyptic drama has the plot to set it apart from the rest in its genre.

At first glimpse, customers can see the dedication and commitment put into the Official Merchandise Shop. A line from the owner welcomes customers and implores them to look around to find things to their liking. Browsing around, one can view a large array of products. From Evangelion Hoodies and shirts to figurines, they’ve stocked products to everyone’s liking. An interactive UI also helps attract customers and does not let them get bored while scouring the different aspects of the online shop to find their preferred Evangelion Merch.

The site offers buyers two methods to filter products instead of them having to go through everything. One of them is ‘Shop by Character’. Oftentimes, people like a show because of a particular character and might be more inclined to buy an item that correlates to their favorite character or has a specific design. This option helps save a lot of time as only items relating to the chosen persona are displayed. The other filter is ‘Shop by Category’. This allows shoppers to search for specific items rather than specific character-influenced products. Those just looking for Evangelion T-Shirts or accessories can opt for this option to ease their searches and find exactly what they’re looking for.

Scrolling down, several blogs can also be found for new fans or simply fans who like to read more into the lore of the series. These can be great reads for those looking to get acquainted with the plot and characters. A few words from the owner are seen in the end which outline their mission which is for customers to achieve their desires and fulfill their wishes. 

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