International Silver Inc. Celebrates 20 Years in the Wholesale Body Jewelry Industry

August 06 23:58 2020
International Silver Inc. Celebrates 20 Years in the Wholesale Body Jewelry Industry

20 years International Silver Inc.
International Silver, Inc. is a New York based body jewelry wholesale company that was established in 1997. With more than 20 years in the industry it is one of the longest standing and most experienced body jewelry wholesalers in the business.

New York City, NY – International Silver Inc. is celebrating more than 20 years in the wholesale body jewelry industry.  It has been serving the international body jewelry community with quality piercing jewelry in sterling silver and has gradually expanded into a wide selection of materials. International Silver Inc.’s current online catalogue comprises over 10,000 varieties of bulk body jewelry, of which over 2,000 are nose jewelry products. When it comes to online suppliers of nose jewelry in bulk, no other company surpasses International Silver Inc. in terms of product variety.

International Silver Inc. was established in 1997, when sterling silver was the trendiest jewelry crafting material. The company saw the potential of body jewelry while it was still considered taboo, thus becoming one of the main companies in the U.S. that produced body jewelry as a mainstream accessory. The company’s name was chosen in an effort to attract the target audience with the material trend at that time. In 1999, International Silver Inc. launched its website, spearheading online wholesale retailing in the body jewelry industry. The company has used the very same domain name since 1999 and has managed to keep abreast with the latest technological developments and updates, providing clients with a streamlined online shopping experience.

One major factor that sets International Silver Inc. apart from other body jewelry wholesalers is the inclusion of a young management team leading its operations. As a wholesale body jewelry manufacturer, extensive knowledge of current styles, helps the company create fresh ideas in tune with the current trends in the body jewelry wholesale industry. The young management team coupled with International Silver company’s seasoned experts have helped the company in maintaining its position as a top international body jewelry supplier.

International Silver Inc. is also known for its efficient customer service. The company has a track record of being successful in establishing long lasting relationships with its customers. Not only are the sales representatives bilingual industry experts, they are also highly knowledgeable in online sales and assist clients in choosing the trendiest body jewelries based on geodemographics.

In the last 20 years, International Silver Inc. has endured several periods of austerity. The online supplier of bulk body jewelry was able to survive and operate through some of the major crises of the past decades such as the financial crisis in 2008 that targeted the Wall St. in New York City and the Covid-19 pandemic that hit New York worse than any other state. International Silver Inc. has continued to thrive through these periods by not only having loyal clients but also through effective crisis management, an efficient employee management system, and strong business practices.

Body jewelry items at International Silver Inc. are available from 0 to 22 grams and are made of high-quality materials such as 316L Surgical Steel, Titanium G23, 925 Sterling Silver, and 14K Gold. International Silver Inc.’s best-selling items are produced out of surgical steel and include Helix or Tragus ear jewelry, nose jewelry and belly jewelry. Their large variety of products are available in contemporary styles and all-time favorite designs. Furthermore, International Silver Inc.’s products undergo strict quality control and are never out of stock.

International Silver Inc. will continue to remain at the forefront in wholesale online body jewelry for many more years to come. You can find more information about them at

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