Teledentistry & Virtual Dental Evaluation During the Coronavirus Pandemic

August 13 02:08 2020

Patients worried about COVID-19 but still need a dental checkup can get that with teledentistry and virtual dental evaluations Mark C. Marchbanks, D.D.S. in Arlington.

Telemedicine is means doctors examine a patient remotely using cameras and a secure Internet connection Telemedicine offices are springing up everywhere, Insurance companies often cover the cost of these exams just like an in-office visit.

In the case of teledentistry, this is an overall exam in which a dentist uses a camera to look into a patient’s mouth to get a general impression of oral health.

“Think of this triage,” Arlington dentist, Dr. Marchbanks said. “With a camera, the dentist can examine your mouth and teeth from another room, another block, across a city or across the state. We can get enough information then to know if you need to come immediately for help or it is something that may be able to wait a bit longer.”

Dentists across Texas and the nation are hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic as people have put off going to the dentist except for emergency care. Routine cleanings and exams were pushed aside for fear of contracting or spreading the virus.

“We are still seeing people with urgent problems like abscesses, broken teeth and big cavities,” Dr. Marchbanks said. “Unfortunately, some of these most severe problems got that bad because people could not come in earlier. Teledentistry can let us see these things before they become major and help the patient take steps to head the situation off.”

If the situation is urgent, Dr, Marchbanks said the person can come in to have the problem attended to. If the matter is not urgent, the patient and Dr. Marchbanks will discuss what to do. He stressed going to the dentist is safe, even with the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We wear very efficient masks, face shields, gloves and other protective gear. Our staff is regularly checked for signs of the disease. We are taking every precaution we can to make sure you are as safe as possible,” he said. “With our precautions, a visit to the dentist is safer than many other activities people are doing today.”

Dr. Marchbanks reminds everyone, including his patients, the COVID-19 pandemic does not mean oral health is not important. Regular screenings and checkups continue to critical to maintaining health, especially in people with other health problems.

“If you need to come to the dentist, call us. We’ll talk about the precautions, what we are doing, what you need to do and whether or not teledentistry can take care of the problem,” he said. “As always, your health and safety is our primary concern.”

For more information about teledentistry or how Dr. Marchbanks’ office can help from a distance, call (817) 261-2747 or visit Mark C. Marchbanks, D.D.S.

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