Intepreneur Launches Lead Generation System for Realtors in the US

August 12 23:57 2020
Intepreneur Launches Lead Generation System for Realtors in the US

August 12, 2020 – Intepreneur, a leads management and development firm, has launched a lead-generation system for real estate agents in the US. Comprising four super-systems focussed on targeted lead generation and management, the organic lead generation system works automatically and does not need real estate agents to intervene once the lead generation process is set into motion.

The master lead generation system works using four super systems. it employs a system to deploy targeted content to generate leads, a system to filter out the good leads, and systems to focus on continuous customer management and relationship building. All of these work in tandem to create leads and maintain them for the agent. The system has been developed by top growth marketers of the industry to revolutionize the real estate industry in the USA.

Our Intepreneur system needs to be set into motion only once, after which it continues to work consistently for the real estate agent without intervention,” said Taylor Noel. This system uses the power of content marketing to drive the most qualified leads to realtors consistently.

Traditionally, real estate agents have been sourcing their property leads using a variety of methods, such as paid lead generation, agents, grapevine, and so on. With the advent of Internet firms, lead generation moved into the online mode and became more expansive. However, in most cases, the number of leads generated for each real estate agent is usually less than desirable and people have to work harder to keep a consistent trickle of leads coming their way. 

At one glance, Intepreneur allows:

  • Building a personal brand

  • Produce 100+ qualified leads every month

  • Stays on autopilot mode for lifetime

  • Comes with a revolutionary CRM and saves time

The system focuses on methods to generate leads and spends considering energy in selecting the best leads and maintaining them optimally. It focuses on customer relationships and ensures that real estate agents are able to maintain cordial relationships with leads so that they are always referred to when needed. Customer relations management is one big aspect of the system.

Yet another great feature of the system developed by Intepreneur over the years is that it works consistently even during the hardest market conditions. The vision of the company is to save realtors from the top tech companies who are hellbent on eliminating the need for their services in the real estate industry. Currently, Intepreneur is partnering up with 1 realtor per city.

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