David Kang Sheds More Light on Overcoming Obstacles

August 13 04:03 2020
Stock trading guru and founder of Prosperity Trading, David Kang, talks about his obstacles and how he was able to overcome his challenges

David Kang has grown to become one of the most sought-after traders and coaches in the world. The young yet passionate e-trader has been able to affect the lives of tons of people in different parts of the world. However, the online trader did not have it easy and had to work his socks off to achieve his feat.

David Kang had to overcome several challenges that probably would have brought down other aspiring entrepreneurs. When asked about the challenges he faced as an individual and while building his business, Mister_Investor as he is also known said, “Lots of them. Parents losing jobs, my money and their money going into the medical bills, going broke and having to play the violin in the streets, nowhere to go during winter break and spending my time at a shack freezing trying to get warm with my laptop since the heater was not working to breaking up with someone who I loved to going back broke and losing a job due to my uncontrolled emotions from the breakup.”

David started on StockTwits, an online platform that has been described as the Twitter for traders and investors as a freshman in college. “There is a point where you hit rock bottom and inside of you that says enough is enough and a fire starts to burn inside of your heart to get your ass back to work. I went through this after rotting in bed crying in misery for almost 10 months straight. I locked my room door every day for 1 year straight committing to myself that I am going to make changes, hit all my goals, and work like a mofo to level up,” David said when he was asked about how he overcame his obstacles.

“I started to remember all the difficulties I have had growing up with my parents getting injured and that I cannot just sit and rot like this any longer. I’ve also accepted that life has its ups and downs. You will get knocked down at one point, but it’s about how quickly you learn from it, get back up, and hit it back harder. That is how you level up. I now see problems as opportunities to level up. Every time I see a problem arise, I will be excited and look forward to solving it as that will level me up. Whatever happens to me in life, I will gladly take it and trust the process,” David continued.

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