The Urgency of digital footprint explained by Social Giveaways

August 13 04:04 2020

Digital existence makes your work unique, helps target specific markets, extremely beneficial for future opportunities. The entire online footprint is considered a form of real estate. Technological advancement is making it easier for us to interact with a large audience through social media platforms and give a shout out to your business.

London Summers, Ryan Pownall, Justin Strong, co-founders of Social Giveaways. They manage global celebrities to gain exposure organically and increase their reach. Ryan comes from a marketing background, owns the largest Beer Pong festival in the world. London is a Music producer, songwriter. Justin Strong, a well established entrepreneur, came on as the investment wing.

There is a rise in companies supplying online growth even during these harsh times of Covid-19. There has been a driving force to move the business online.

Summers said, ”The value of prime brick and mortar storefronts have lessened steadily for years; it has moved to domains and socials with engagement, that is where the new prime real estate investments are being made, it is why Shopify is now Canada’s most valuable company.”

The team seized the opportunity and is now helping small brands to transfer to a digital presence. This generation is looking to satisfy their consumer needs online. People buying giveaway slots are higher net worth individuals. Value of what is being offers can only be understood by people earning online. People pay to depend on the estimated rise in followers.

The founders realised the demand for online presence is going to increase rapidly. The company grossed over a quarter million in its first 6 weeks of operation and passed the seven-figure sales mark within the first quarter.

They work with all sizes of businesses and anyone with an Instagram account that needs to grow their business. They work with influencers, brands who need organic reach.

London said, ”Entrepreneurs buy spots to gain followers to sell their courses.” He added, ”Models will do it to gain followers to increase engagement and to rationalize charging more for brand deals. Doctors do it for their credibility and grow their personal brand. Having a powerful online presence is crucial in today’s age.”

Company’s core value is to grow their client’s social reach, invest in their digital portfolio and create an impact on overall online presence.

Existence of business may fade away if they don’t have a digital footprint in the upcoming years. Ryan explains, ”The key to agency’s success has been attested to its ability to keep their finger on the pulse while continuing to look for ways to scale its product offering to whichever way the market attention shifts.”

The real currencies are followers and attention. The team used their own social media for others to understand the process, eventually, people trusted their process. As said by London, “We made a name for ourselves by being aggressive, we wanted to book a six-figure influencer right away, going small never appealed to us. Some may consider that a lot of risks when you’re trying something out, but we were confident we knew the demand was there.”

The team stress the power of the internet and the significance of online existence for achieving the recognition that people deserve.

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