Luxury Brand Jeannette & Slade’s Impact on Local Female-Owned Businesses

December 11 03:01 2020
Luxury Brand Jeannette & Slade’s Impact on Local Female-Owned Businesses

Jeannette Mead and Jeremy Slade. Photographed by Bao Phan.

Brands today tend to pride themselves on being unique and boast about being the pioneers in the industry with their “one-of-a-kind” products. However, it’s plain to see that the idea had already been done before. Jeannette & Slade is a brand that’s aware of the trend and has diverged from such ideas, striving to stand out.

Jeannette & Slade is a handmade jeweled leather & accessories luxury brand run by Jeannette Mead, a former model in Hawaii, Japan, and her hometown California. She is joined by Jeremy Slade, from Oahu, Hawaii a former owner of Trustworthy Security LLC, which was the largest high-end retail security company in the State of Hawaii from 2008-2011. Trustworthy Security LLC also provided security for Industrial, Commercial, Residential properties as well as Special Events such as the NFL Pro Bowl and for several celebrities.

They created Jeannette & Slade because they wanted to create a unique luxury brand that catered to people’s wants and make a difference in the community. Jeannette and Slade decided that to obtain that goal, they would invest in the local community’s businesses. They do business with the small leather dealers, beaders, and other businesses, taking the love of their work and upscaling them together with the Jeannette & Slade brand, making for a truly magnificent work of art.

As a brand, Jeannette & Slade believe in the slow fashion fair trade. The businesses that they work with are from communities in Africa mainly South Africa. Jeannette & Slade mainly work with females to produce their merchandise. By doing so, they provide women with the same opportunity to contribute to their community the same way the men do. Jeannette & Slade make sure that the workers are paid fairly and accordingly. They also make sure that the workers are not overworked, and treated with respect.

Before collaborating with them, Jeannette & Slade researched and made sure that their line of business followed fashion codes in the local scene and abroad. The exotic prints seen in their merchandise are embossed per California law, allowing customers to enjoy their unique handmade merchandise while still enjoying quality.

The merchandise Jeannette & Slade produce mainly consist of handbags, wallets, earrings, purses, necklaces and other accessories. Everything they make is all handmade. Jeannette and Slade create unique designs for each customer, so they don’t have to worry about finding people at the same event with the same handbags. Jeannette & Slade use three-ply Ostrich feathers on their handbags and accessories. However, they prioritize the safety of the animal and cut the feathers instead of plucking them.

Jeannette & Slade hopes that with their company’s growth, they can set an example of how small businesses are the backbone of the economy. They hope their brand shows that no matter how small a business may be, it is still possible to thrive and always be able to uplift others. Jeannette & Slade merchandise are currently available in two stores: one in Kashmir Art Gallery in Los Gatos, California, and the other in Blake Fine Arts in Monterey, California. They are hoping to expand their brand in Beverly Hills, Honolulu, Las Vegas, Japan, and Dubai.

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