Adil C Gets the Attention of the Tik Tok Star Addison Rae

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Adil C Gets the Attention of the Tik Tok Star Addison Rae

April 03
01:18 2021
Adil C Gets the Attention of the Tik Tok Star Addison Rae

Adil C has really hit it again. Just a couple months back on the first of January 2021, the Canadian star Adil C releases INTHEMOOD which had over a million people listen to it within the first few weeks of the release. Many Tiktok users have probably heard of Addison Rae, the Tik Tok phenomenon who just recently released her debut single ‘Obsessed’? Fans love it, fans hate it. But Adil C clearly was all for it.

Barely even 48 hours of Addison Rae’s song release, Adil C released his cover version of the song and fans did not scroll pass this one. Adil C’s version of the song ‘Obsessed’ was such a shock for people, word started travelling around. Who is Adil C? Right now, the ‘Obsessed’ cover is sitting at over ONE MILLION total views on all social and streaming platforms. Fans of Charli D’amelio, Addison Rae, Millie Bobby Brown, are now consecutively following Adil C to see what the hype is all about. Fan pages that the original singer Addison Rae follows noticed how incredibly well the cover was done and started to make fan edits of the two singers, Adil C and Addison Rae.

It’s getting really loud. We’re seeing fans all over Tik Tok sharing the song, reposts and fan edits all over Instagram, even tweet wars.. It has to be any moment until the Tik Tok celebrity hears what everyone is talking about, right? Just 4 days after Adil C’s cover was posted on his Instagram profile, Addison Rae herself went ahead and liked Adil C’s Instagram video post which is a snippet of his cover singing ‘Obsessed’. Talk about a celebrity who’s kind, giving, and generous. You can guess what happens next, the fans went wild:

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