Follow These Simple and Natural Tips To Keep Heart Healthy Long Term

May 10 20:16 2021

It is a hectic world now, no matter where one lives.  Most countries across the globe are seeing an explosion in obesity, driven by the consumption of processed foods, and a sedentary lifestyle.  Even “health” foods can be loaded with hidden additives, such as salt, sugar, and other chemicals.  Individuals are lured into thinking these offerings are healthy by slick marketing. But most of the healthy components have been eradicated and replaced with unhealthy alternatives.  Companies want these supplemental foods (like snack bars) and beverages to sell, and additives make them taste better!

Dr. Michael MacDonald, who has successfully studied and treated many types of heart conditions since 2000, and who now practices out of Singapore, has published a list of eight proven, natural ways to avoid heart conditions without resorting to quick fixes.

These are simple everyday actions that can fit into anyone’s schedule.  Dr. MacDonald recommends first and foremost that all labels be read on all products before consumption.  Just reading what is in a product can help individuals avoid it!  Replacing these fast approaches to nutrition with whole fruits and vegetables, as well as more fish, which contains Omega-3 fatty acids can improve heart health and functioning

Other recommendations include not smoking.  Smoking worldwide is a problem and creates not only problems for the heart, but individuals who smoke run the risk of many other types of physical problems such as cancers.  Vaping, which is taking the place of smoking, is not a good substitute and might even be worse.  In addition, Dr. MacDonald recommends regular exercise, about 40 minutes per day 5 days per week at least. 

People who exercise regularly can experience longer, healthier lifespans.  A sedentary lifestyle leads to obesity, which is another component tied to heart problems.  Obesity leads to diabetes, and other health problems.  A worldwide epidemic of obesity has accelerated over the last 20 years due to the switch to processed food and minimal exercise.

Getting rid of stress also alleviates heart problems but this one factor could be the most difficult to avoid.  Taking time each day to unwind through meditation or yoga and avoiding undue stress can help. Most of all, addressing stress with the consumption of alcohol can harm the heart, not help it, and too much alcohol consumption combined with stress, can lead to lack of sleep, which is also another risk factor for heart problems.  Sleep rejuvenates the entire body, especially the heart. 

These few tips by Dr. MacDonald can assist in preventing heart problems and leading a more energized and fulfilled life.  Diet, exercise, staying away from alcohol and smoking, combined with reading labels, eating wholesome foods, and getting enough sleep will make heart problems less of a concern.

About Dr. Michael MacDonald

Dr. Michael MacDonald is a heart doctor in Singapore with decades of experience.   He started his practice and was educated in the UK and provides a blog that is well-written and easy to read for the international community.  He does also provide onsite cardiac services at his Singapore location such as CT scans and MRIs and can address all types of cardiac issues.  The latest technology, skills, and sound advice are available through Dr. MacDonald’s practice and his website provides an easy to access contact form for appointments.  

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