Creative Biolabs Advances Vaccine Preclinical R&D

January 06 15:37 2022
Having been exploring the field of vaccines for years, Creative Biolabs has established a systematic workflow of vaccine preclinical development, aiming to accelerate the research process from global customers in an efficient and cost-effective one-stop manner.

New York, USA – January 6, 2022 – The advent of COVID-19 vaccines for prevention has brought a surge in vaccine R&D, with increasing groups of researchers joining the league to discover more effective vaccines for prevention and therapeutic usages. Creative Biolabs, having been working in this field for years, has the competence to push forward the preclinical research projects regarding vaccine design, formulation development, and analytical evaluation.

“Our vaccine solutions cover the mainstream vaccine types on the market,” according to a scientist, “ranging from attenuated vaccines to mRNA vaccines that are under high research fever.”

Vaccine Design Tactics

* Antigen preparation: customers need to designate the antigen of interest, which can come from ready-for-use products (e.g., fungi organisms for DC vaccine), or be developed by antigen display technologies.

* Algorithm-based vaccine design: in silico models and databases play diverse roles, but both contribute to speed up vaccine candidate design and identification procedures.

* Validation of the target: to determine the substance that elicits the human body to generate an immune response, target validation is indispensable that mainly verifies the following factors:

1. Non-homological to human proteins
2. Lack in the transmembrane regions for expression
3. No reaction with other pathogens
4. Outstanding antigen and adhesion properties

* NGS technology-supported to provide overall proteomic information about the vaccine biomarker.

Vaccine design, adjuvant selection (formulation selection/development), analytical validation assays, and preclinical assessment constitute the entire lifecycle of a one-stop vaccine development service, each step of which is highly customizable according to different research targets and lab conditions, and also the emphasis of GMP studies, such as safety and toxicology.

Creative Biolabs is competent in flexible scales of antigen production with powerful protein production systems, keeping supplying high-standard antigens for vaccine developers. Customers can choose from available antigen categories such as viral antigen and bacterial antigen, or entrust Creative Biolabs to develop designated products accordingly on the GMP scale.

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Creative Biolabs is a biotech CRO offering solutions for research institutes and pharmaceuticals to support their preclinical studies on vaccines. Years of practical experience has consolidated the team’s strong capabilities in the design, validation, and assessment of various vaccines, covering bacterial vaccine, virus vaccine, and nucleic acid vaccine.

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