Plan For An Early Retirement With The First Rental Property

January 06 14:57 2022

Illinois – Want to start investing in real estate? You’re not alone! But first, you need to invest your time and learn about the field. U.S. Army Veteran EJ Williams has written this guide for anyone who wants help with both of these tasks. He knows how difficult they can be when starting out from nothing or having limited knowledge on finance-related topics such as stocks & shares trading etc. This book will walk through everything someone new needs before making their own investment decisions.

Real estate investing is a game many people play. Some know how to do it well, while others are just getting started with their first investment property and need all the help they can get to be successful and yield profits at rates higher than 20% which out performs any 401k portfolio. EJ Williams understands these challenges firsthand because he has experienced them before. And now, he offers five easy steps on what you should do when looking into properties that will work best based on your specific needs as an investor or developer.

The author’s frustration with paying taxes on OPM (Other People’s Money) is something that always drives him to find new ways of becoming wealthy through real estate investing. He has paid thousands for seminars, training courses, and books so he can build up his wealth in this business. Still, some things have frustrated him more than anything else: not being able to take advantage of real estate investments without a luring tax, which is more than imaginable. To find a solution to this is a challenge to find the right balance between being creative and providing information. William does this beautifully in his book by making it interesting for those who don’t know anything about taxes and educating them so they can understand how their actions could affect them financially or legally down the road regarding what may happen if something goes wrong. The point where he mentions “tax laws” really opened my eyes to understanding more than just one piece out-of-tax code puzzle…

If you’re looking for a way to make money quickly and easily, get your hands on this book. It will guide you on how to become an investor from beginner all the way up to where you grasp the essential knowledge about this business. So what are you waiting for? Grab it today at Amazon or Barnes & Noble before time runs out.

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