How to polish general old concrete floor construction?

January 06 15:28 2022

First, floor cleaning, repair and cement strength inspection

1. Check whether there is a big drop on the ground. If there is, please use a small machine to smooth the drop.

2. Check the old floor for expansion screws. If there are, please cut it deeply.

3. If there are large holes in the ground, please repair first. You can repair them with special repair mortar or high strength self-leveling cement, or you can also mix pure acrylic emulsion with sand and cement to repair. A good interface treatment must be done before repairing, pure acrylic emulsion can be used as the interface.

4. floor strength inspection, choose diamond depends on floor strength.

Second, grinding, spraying concrete sealant and polishing

1. Rough grinding. According to the floor strength, choosing 30# 80# diamonds to grind floor roughly for fully opening the ground pores, dry grinding or wet grinding is OK. (dry grinding should be matched with industrial vacuum cleaner, water grinding should absorb the mud)

2. Floor repairing. Repairing the floor completely according to the floor conditions, and apply repair solution evenly on the floor. Put 150# diamonds in grinding machine, grind in low speed to repair cracks and small holes.

3. Curing agent spraying. Spray the ground evenly with sprinkling kettle, pull back and forth evenly with long hair brush, and keep the ground wet for two hours. In the two hours, use scrubber to wash the ground to dilute the curing agent, and let the ground absorb the curing agent totally.

4. Fine grinding. Grind the ground with 150# 300# diamonds in turn to eliminate the traces of the last grinding.

5. Polishing. The ground is finely ground and polished with 500# 1000# diamonds in a grinding machine.

6. Nursing solution. Clean up the floor after polishing, use high-pressure spray to spray the nursing solution evenly, then use short dust push and pull it even. (Notice: mainly pull the nursing solution work well, less has nothing to do, try not to get too thick) After the ground dry, use C8 high-speed polishing machine with 27 inches of animal hair pad or black pad to polish. Charming luster can be seen when finishing.

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