New innovative anti-snoring device, Snore Bandit, shines amid CPAP Recall

January 08 00:43 2022
Amid the alarming news of CPAP recall and FDA’s warning against their usage, new innovative Snore Bandit stands out as a safe, comfortable, and highly effective stop-snoring solution.

Las Vegas, NV – January 07, 2022 – The anti-snoring device industry witnessed a huge blow in the early quarter of 2021 when a certain tech giant started recalling its popular CPAP machines on the grounds of serious health concerns. The FDA has already issued an alert citing the risks of the existing CPAP machines and has warned users against the usage of those devices. However, there seems to be hope despite the chaos and crisis around- a next-gen anti-snoring device has come up as a safer and more effective alternative to the traditional counterparts. Titled “Snore Bandit”, the anti-snoring device is a FDA-cleared patented product and has recently recorded a major rise in sales after the CPAP Recall.

Snore Bandit mouthpiece is an inexpensive breakthrough invention by Las Vegas-based entrepreneur Garry Thynne. Mr. Thynne himself had been suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnea and snoring issues for decades. From CPAP machines to surgeries, he had tried every stop-snoring method available but with no luck. His poor experiences with the traditional stop-snoring devices led him to the discovery that conventional ones suffer from lack of proper fitting solution which eventually affects their efficacy as an optimum anti-snoring device. He realized there is an urgent need for a new anti-snoring device that can assure a comfortable fit to ensure more effective reduction in snoring. Thus, Snore Bandit was born.

The traditional CPAP devices are designed with PE-EUR foam that is meant to reduce the unwanted snoring sound. It should be mentioned here that the major reason behind (above-mention) CPAP recall last year was that the PE-EUR foam is likely to break down as well as get into the air pathway of the devices. This way, black debris or dangerous chemicals released from the foam could straightaway sweep into the user’s lungs or throat, leading to serious health concerns.

The cutting-edge Snore Bandit does not suffer from the PE-EUR foam-related health risk issues as has been witnessed with the conventional CPAP devices. The product is made from  clinical-grade material only which makes it safer to use compared to traditional counterparts. 

Another major advantage that keeps Snore Bandit ahead of the curve is its accurate fitment benefit. The device is equipped with a breakthrough Boil-and-Bite fitting process that allows users to enjoy a more comfortable fit in comparison to other anti-snoring mouthpieces. It’s to stress here, Snore Bandit has been intelligently backed by the same fitting process as used in sports mouthguards to ensure a perfect snug fit. The product can be custom fitted according to specific fitment requirements of the users.

“Snore Bandit stands out with its innovative proven dual-action design that you will find in no other anti-snoring devices”, stated Mr. Thynne.

The dual-action framing helps to move the lower jaw forward which consequently keeps the airways and mouth open for as long as the user wears the device. Open airways and mouth facilitate smooth and easy breathing for the user, thereby preventing unwanted snoring.

“I am glad to share with you all that Snore Bandit has not only helped me but has also effectively helped a great bunch of people to get rid of the long-standing problem of snoring. We are excited to see a massive pique in the sales figures and we are pleased that we have been able to provide our fellow users with a truly credible and effective anti-snoring device, especially when the majority of the traditional ones have been recalled.”

Snore Bandit has received a long line of rave reviews from its users.

5.0 out of 5 stars – “It’s a miracle!”

Reviewed in the United States on November 8, 2021

Verified Purchase/Actual Testimonial 

My husband snores so loudly I can hear him from anywhere in our house. He has sleep apnea and uses a machine for about a year. However, it was so uncomfortable and cumbersome he slowly stopped using it. 20 years of marriage I finally had enough, and he had to sleep on the couch, because it kept me awake. I tried special pillows that claim to help, no dice it didnt work. Finally, he succumbed to my requests to see another doctor about the possibility of a mouthpiece to help with the snoring. He finally went, he found out his uvula was enlarged causing it to block his airway when he sleeps, and they could fit him for a special mouthpiece for a mere $600 (our out of pocket). He would have to come in and have a fitting send to a lab blah blah blah and after a few weeks he would have a mouthpiece that MAY HELP his doctorsexact words. If not, we were back at square 1 less $600.

I was desperate I turned to Amazon as I do for so much and found the Snore Bandit. It had great reviews, so I ordered it. We were amazed and so grateful when he tried it. CRICKETS was the only sound in our room, he slept through the night silently and woke up very rested the next day. He would take a nap every day after work because he was so tired from lack of restful sleep. I am not a big review writer however given the amazing results my hubby experienced I thought I owed it to fellow sufferers. This mouthpiece works, hands down and I have my hubby back next to me in bed I am so thankful to Snore Bandit for this amazing invention and for offering it at a reasonable price so all can access.

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