JJ Ortez – Houston-Based Realtor Selling Millions Worth of Real Estate Through Instagram

January 10 22:38 2022
JJ Ortez is a Houston-based realtor that has helped thousands of real estate buyers and sellers connect through his Instagram profile.

According to MPA Magazine, “the real estate sector has been in the midst of digital transition over the last several years as more buyers begin their pursuit of a dream home or an investment property online.”

MPA adds that “for many agents, this shift meant realigning their marketing strategies to suit changing buyer behaviors – and research has shown that among the most effective ways to achieve this is by building their online presence.”

JJ Ortez, a Houston-based realtor, was ahead of the curve and has met real estate digital transformation trends well-prepared.

With over 118,000 followers on Instagram, JJ Ortez’s army of contacts, leads, fans, and friends have helped him sell millions worth of real estate seamlessly. Ortez continues to thrive and refine his modern approach to selling real estate while setting new standards for his realtor peers, as well as well-established firms and household names.

JJ Ortez proves that innovation is the key to success in the world of today, regardless of the market, niche, or branch. While many realtors still rely on their brand’s name and image to attract new clients, JJ Ortez shows that keeping one step ahead. JJ predicts the recent trends and understands the needs and demands of potential home buyers and sellers are far more critical.

Ortez’s Instagram profile showcases his accomplishments, an invitation to his world, and an avenue through which connections can be made and homes bought and sold.

His official Instagram account allows his followers to browse through hundreds of homes quickly and conveniently. Furthermore, the features of Instagram work in favor of both his brand and his clients, serving as a reviewing platform where clients can share their experiences through comments and likes.

JJ Ortez’s Instagram Reels and videos offer a more detailed preview of home interiors. Unlike many of his peers and contemporaries, Ortez adds a more human element to his clips by introducing humorous content and modern music, keeping his clients and followers informed and entertained.

According to a 2019 study by the US National Association of Realtors, 88% of all buyers use the internet to search for homes. In terms of age groups, millennial and Gen Y buyers rely on online research the most, which coincidentally form the bulk of Ortez’s followers.

DP Taylor, a renowned business software expert, states that “If you are not using social media, you’re at a disadvantage because your competitors probably are.”

JJ Ortez’s understanding and devotedness to his clients helped thousands of people find their dream homes, sell their property in search of a better future, and join JJ Ortez on a quest to create a warm, friendly Instagram community.

More information about JJ Ortez is available on his official Instagram account.

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