Brand Review: Victorage, Unmissable rising star in gaming chair industry.

January 12 10:04 2022
Brand Review: Victorage, Unmissable rising star in gaming chair industry.

With the rapid development of the e-sports gaming, there are many types of gaming chairs on the market, offering various choices to customers. People will be easily attracted by famous brand like Secretlab, Razer, however, most gaming chairs of these brands cost too much, people pay for brand premium. Here the editor wants to introduce a promising brand, Victorage, all their chairs have reasonable prices as well as high quality.

Victorage is established in 2018. It operates its own factory in Huaian, Jiangsu, including a robot-welding steel frame workshop and a integrated foam workshop, developing supplies of core parts in-house to control the quality of chairs, which means more robust R&D plus a higher level of in-house QC.


Soon after, it went into partnerships with several high-profile Chinese esports teams like EDG, TES, FPX, LNG, all of those teams rank among the top-10 competing in the LPL. Esports players always log around 10-13 hours of training at a computer every day. Their work is mentally taxing. If a gaming chair is helpful and loved by professional esports players, it will be helpful and loved by the most of gamers. Obviously, Victorage gaming chair did it.

esports teams like EDG, TES, FPX, LNG

As a whole, Victorage gaming chairs have the same features in sponge and frame. It develops the production line of gaming chair by itself, using international leading integrated foaming technology, to make the all-steel frame be completely covered in high-density sponge. As the frame is welded by robot arm, it’s strong enough to withstand the 2.5t impact resistance, making it have a superior support performance.

In addition, different models have different spare parts. There are lots of collections on their website. Some feature PU leather, 3D armrest, tilt frog mechanism, aluminum alloy base while some feature fabric, 2D armrest, butterfly mechanism and nylon base. Consumers can buy according to their budgets.

Victorage chairs

At present, Victorage maintains a warehouse in Montebello, California. It also runs a shopping website that sells chairs. American consumers have two options to buy Victorage chairs. First, they can buy direct from The second option is to buy a Victorage gaming chair on Amazon. And in the near future, they will be available in the Japanese and European market too.

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