Famous American Breeding Site for Bulldogs Receives New Litter to Nurture and Look After While Searching For Their Forever Home

January 14 18:08 2022
AKC-certified bulldog breeders, BlueEyesBulldogs, have gotten a new batch of French and English bulldogs they are looking to sell. Until buyers are found, they are looked after with the utmost care.

Grapevine, Texas, USA – Bulldogs are a rare dog breed to come by and purebred ones aren’t easy to find. Even if an individual comes by one, trusting the breeder about the dog’s lineage isn’t always the best option. But here at BlueEyesBulldogs, all the bulldogs they receive come with AKC papers and a health certificate so buyers can rest assured and are guaranteed they’re getting exactly what was advertised.

Located in Grapevine, Texas, the breeders seek quality rather than quantity. Fulfilling this particular breed’s needs is not an easy task as they require constant monitoring around the clock after birth and 8 weeks post-birth, which is why the people at BlueEyesBulldogs dedicate a large portion of their time to caring for these little bundles of love. Raised in a home environment with unconditional care and support, they treat every dog as their own even though they aren’t with them for long.

Starting as soon as the mother becomes pregnant, the mother and future litter are provided with every necessity they require including vet visitation, proper diets, and everything to make them as comfortable as possible.

Out of their selection of purebred bulldogs, they have French and English bulldog puppies for sale. Being home-breeders, their standards of care are much higher than commercial kennels meaning puppies are born and raised very healthy.

In the French bulldogs for sale, they have a variety of colors ranging from Chocolate merle, silver merle to lilac and lavender. They guarantee top-quality dogs which are fully vaccinated and are AKC-certified. With pictures posted on the website for interested customers, people can read all about them and others of the same breed. If anyone is looking for French bulldog puppies that come from high-quality bloodlines, this is where they’ll find them.

They also boast an impressive collection of English bulldogs for sale. Some of the pups have exotic eye colors such as Blue-eyed bulldogs while others possess vibrant colors all over their little bodies. With AKC registration papers and vet check certificates, buyers can place their trust in these breeders to find the perfect puppy for them. A 1-year health guarantee with full support and information about the dog ensures customers will leave satisfied and content with their purchases.

“We are very pleased with our new addition to our family, our new bulldog Wrigely! After much research and inquiry of bulldog breeders, we decided to reach out to Blue Eyes Bulldogs. All questions, concerns, and additional information about the breed were provided, thoroughly and timely. After speaking with them, it became clear that Blue Eyes Bulldogs was the way to go!” says Marc, a satisfied Blue Eyes Bulldog customer.

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