Madras Chorus Foundation Kicks off ‘Plant a Tree’ Project in Kerala to Create Awareness on Combating Climate Challenges

January 14 16:15 2022
The goal of the ‘Plant a Tree’ project by the Madras Chorus Foundation is to create awareness in the student community and among employees of Fortune 500 companies to begin planting trees as a strategy to tackle global warming

Climate change, global warming, and other harmful impacts of climate change can be reversed only through a combination of solutions. With no one exempt from the impacts of these climatic challenges, it is imperative that everyone contributes toward mitigating the effects of climate change. Planting trees has been identified as a means to combat climate change and keep the earth habitable. This is the Madras Chorus Foundation strategy as it raises awareness across India.

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On January 9, 2022, Madras Chorus Foundation kicked off the ‘Plant a Tree’ project in Thenkurissi, Palakkad, Kerala, by planting 20 trees. Since its establishment in the Netherlands, the foundation has been promoting Indian music and arts. As a registered charitable trust in India, it seeks to initiate climate change mitigation activities while promoting music, art, and culture.

Speaking at the inaugural event, Convener of the Foundation, Mr. Mithun Hariharan, provided insights into the Foundation’s initiatives to mitigate climate change and provide sustainable development models by involving students. He also informed that more such initiatives are in the pipeline, and notwithstanding the pandemic, Madras Chorus Foundation is committed to supporting the project.

Mr. Hariharan emphasized that the perils of climate change need no exaggeration. In his words, “2021 has been the blue planet’s 05th warmest year on record, with the levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere hitting new highs. This has disrupted the water cycle leading to amplified effects on both ends of water availability spectrum causing prolonged droughts and frequent and increasingly devastating floods.”

According to Mr. Hariharan, Kerala has been severely impacted with the loss of thousands of lives resulting from natural calamities, the genesis of which can be traced to the changing climate, such as the extreme drought in 2015-16, cyclone Ockhi in 2017, and the floods during 2018-21. He further clarified that it is towards achieving sustainable development goals and mitigating climate change that the Madras Chorus Foundation has launched

The Foundation’s objective is to take appropriate action to combat climate change, initiate projects to protect and revive nature, create awareness in the student community, help the younger generation to realize the value of their actions, and to enlighten and empower them to initiate and carry-on actions on climate protection.

Through the support of Ms. Dharmaja (GIS Nallapadam Coordinator, Manorama), Dr. Sudheer Marar (Computer Applications Department, Nehru College of Engineering and Research) with active participation and IT support of Mr. Pranav Sinha (Environmental Advisor) with the methodologies and policies of Times n Seasons, the foundation will be able to achieve its goals.

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