Veera Tamminen’s Signature Porcelain Tea or Coffee Pitchers are Now Available For Pre-Order

June 22 21:01 2022
The handcrafted ceramics are available for pre-order at Piece of dab.

Helsinki-based ceramic artist and designer Veera Tamminen announced that her signature porcelain tea or coffee pitchers are now available on a pre-order basis on her online shop, Piece of dab. The products, carefully handcrafted from start to finish, highlight Tamminen’s distinctive delicate figuratif art style and organic crafting silhouette. As with most of her works, the porcelain pitchers are stunning illustrative visions transformed into functional items – combining aesthetics with practicality and utility. Whether in a buzzing art gallery or a cozy kitchen space, Tamminen’s signature porcelain tea or coffee pitcher will fit right in.

“I make all my products by hand in small batches in my studio,” says Tamminen. “Cast, press mold, and wheel-thrown pieces are decorated with either Mishima technique or custom decals. I start by making my cast slip and my food grade glazes from the raw ingredients.”

Tamminen has a very hands-on approach to her craft. Behind each handmade piece is a series of research and refinement and a passion for creating the unique. She goes beyond the norm, exploring the boundaries of her craft and using ceramics as a multidimensional base for expressing her visions, thoughts, and feelings. Her works convey a strong artistic style and a sensitivity towards subjective moods and states of mind.

Doing small-scale production by hand enables her to share her craft with a broader audience while keeping true to her vision as an artist. While her porcelain tea or coffee pitchers lean more toward more subtle artistry compared to her other intricate ceramic pieces, it doesn’t detract from the product’s appeal.

In addition to her online shop, Tamminen is currently focusing on her fifth solo exhibition, following the last one in 2020, “Welcome to the real life according to somebody else.” The fifth exhibition will showcase her evolution as an artist, designer, and ceramicist, delving into the versatility and complexity of porcelain as an art material. She has written articles regarding this topic (i.e., ceramic art), including the method for infinite sources for glaze colors.

Explore Veera Tamminen’s collection of handcrafted products here:

About Veera Tamminen

Veera Tamminen is a ceramic artist, designer, and researcher from Helsinki, Finland. Her works primarily use porcelain as a medium combined with hand-drawn figurative illustrations. Tamminen’s works have been featured in several exhibits in Finland and abroad. To date, she has had four solo exhibitions and is currently preparing for her fifth one. Aside from exhibitions, Tamminen also does small-scale production for her online shop, Piece of dab.

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