Crownsville Media Offers Dedicated SEO Support to Therapists

June 22 21:56 2022
Crownsville Media helps therapists, coaches, and small business owners scale their businesses, reach more clients, and thrive in their careers.

Crownsville Media, a Maryland-based SEO Company, is taking the marketing burden and challenges out of private practices with evidence-based strategies centered on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It leverages years of industry expertise and cutting-edge techniques to help small business owners attract their dream clients and sustainably scale their practice without paying hefty advertising costs and using complicated procedures.

Therapists, coaches, and other small business owners often get saddled with too much work – managing their businesses, meeting client needs, and keeping up with the pandemic disruptions – that they become burned out and overwhelmed. Not to mention, they must also contend with competition and adapt to the constantly shifting business paradigm. Crownsville Media handles the marketing aspects of the business so therapists can continue focusing on the heart of their practice – supporting people in their journey to healing.

“The world needs healers today more than ever,” says Crownsville Media Founder Melanie Gorman. “Therapist burnout is real, so it’s critical that you support your business in a way that drives the right clients to your practice. With us, you learn how to help the right clients find you.”

With her background as a trained therapist and a content specialist, Gorman understands what it takes to create and market a profitable practice. The key is to have a clear understanding of the client’s target audience and customer base. Using content creation, website optimization, and targeted campaigns, Gorman and her team help therapists and coaches stay consistent with their brand and build trust with their clients while responding to the ever-changing market landscape.

Crownsville Media begins each project with a free SEO Audit. The team sifts through the various elements affecting website performance, giving them an unbiased look at how it performs on search engine rankings. Depending on their findings, the team creates a plan aligned with the client’s brand identity, vision, and goals. The aim is to improve their search engine rankings, bring a consistent stream of high-level client leads, and boost profit.

Every SEO project is approached with keen attention to detail and a high level of professionalism. Not only does the team handle all the hard work, but they also educate clients about SEO so they can apply what they learned to scale.

Since its inception, Crownsville Media has remained committed to empowering therapists and coaches with performance-driven and results-oriented services. Many have seen positive transformations, taking their business to the next level.

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