The World’s First Turmeric-Centric Wellness Brand Debuts on the Scene

June 23 04:32 2022
TUMERI is harnessing the powers of turmeric to provide a range of skincare products that offer amazing benefits.

Turmeric is one of nature’s most potent products that has survived through the ages ever since its discovery 4,000 years ago. The amazing plant has sure come a long way from its early beginnings when it was principally used for religious and culinary purposes. Since then, turmeric has been discovered to have a quite a lot of benefits including reducing inflammation, relieving pain, supporting immune health, fighting free radicals, and protecting against heart disease. 

But where turmeric has scored the major hit has been among skincare enthusiasts. Turmeric has been credited with things like treating acne breakouts, moisturizing dry skin, giving skin a natural glow, and even slowing down ageing. A number of products have arisen to package this amazing ingredient and make them available for the average consumer. But none is as potent as the one TUMERI offers.

TUMERI is the first skincare company in the world offering products that are totally based on the numerous benefits of turmeric. It was founded after Joseph, the owner of the company, had a chance encounter with the plant in the process of a doctor’s search for a cure to his father’s arthritis. This superfood gave Joseph’s dad a new lease of life, and this inspired Joseph to share what he had discovered with others.  

TUMERI’s range of products is made of pure plant extracts with turmeric taking the center stage. They are also formulated using recipes that have been around for millennia to give it that potency that can’t be found in other skincare products. The Turmeric Clay Mask, for instance, is made up of the powerful combo of turmeric, ginger and manuka honey, which actively promotes facial repair. Using this clay mask for gentle exfoliation guarantees the reduction of wrinkles while also improving one’s skin elasticity.  There is also the Turmeric Vitamin C Serum made with potent ingredients like witch hazel, sea buckthorn, and of course turmeric. This serum not only brightens the skin but also provides hydration.

This amazing batch of products in the TUMERI lineup is one of the things that make the brand so unique. In the words of Joseph, “TUMERI is a mission-driven wellness brand featuring products infused with turmeric, a breakout star in the nutritional world for good reason! TUMERI was born of a pure desire to ease and enhance another’s quality of life.”

Since its debut on the scene, skincare lovers who have tried TUMERI’s all-natural products only have good things to report. One of the reviewers says, “Always a fan of natural skincare products and I was eager to try the TUMERI Clay Mask. After using it for two weeks or so, my face was singing the praises of this wonderful mask. My fine lines have smoothed out and my skin feels so fresh and pure. I can’t wait to lay my hands on some more TUMERI products!”

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