CureRate Has Created A Community Of Support And Proven Recommendations For People Who Share The Same Chronic Conditions

September 23 01:43 2022
With multiple chronic conditions for their growing community, CureRate is working on helping as many people as possible on their non-profit website. Each condition has advice and product reviews from people living with it, giving proven recommendations to others.

Having a chronic illness or condition can be isolating. With no cure and only different ways to treat symptoms, each day can feel more frustrating than the last. Most chronic conditions have numerous suggestions on how to treat them, but most of those suggestions haven’t been tested by someone who truly lives with this illness. 

CureRate has created a community of people who share the same chronic conditions. On this platform, they share product reviews for things that worked to manage symptoms, recipes on foods that helped improve day-to-day life, and even supplement ideas. Each item on the website is something other people with the same condition have tried and reviewed, making it easy to start finding actual results. Reviews can be found from the CureRate community, plus reviews curated from around the web from people with the same chronic illness. 

A community for multiple conditions

CureRate has tackled multiple common chronic illnesses with an open mind to adding more as requested. Currently, there is a community for Crohn’s disease, IBS, PCOS, Psoriasis, and Ulcerative Colitis. Each has its own complications and symptoms, and CureRate has a separate space for each. 

Take, for instance, the PCOS community. Once selected, the entire page is focused solely on PCOS recommendations. At the top, a search bar is available to look up any supplement or product to see what other people with PCOS rated it. Every CureRate review includes details like: Time until it worked, used in combination with, helped with symptoms, sharing relevant information fit for reviews made for chronic illnesses and not reviews one would find on general public platforms like Amazon.

All of the ratings and reviews on the page are provided by people with PCOS, for people with PCOS. If someone isn’t sure what to look up and wants to know some of the things others are using, users can browse top-rated supplements, products, and more. 

Further down, there are even recipes that were selected by the PCOS community as ones that they found helped with managing their symptoms, as well as some created by the CureRate team. 

One can even find specific advice from their community when it comes to diets, exercise, and more. Accounts are free to create to add input and reviews, and all of the information is available for free as well. 

All of the pages are formatted the same with product reviews, supplement advice, success stories, and more for each chronic condition CureRate has a community for. 


For many chronic conditions, it’s challenging to deal with the day-to-day symptoms. Treatments are available, but there is usually no cure. What becomes a priority for those with these conditions is to improve the symptoms to make it easier and more enjoyable to live life to the fullest.

CureRate’s communities are doing just that for as many people as possible. They have brought together groups with the same condition to help each other with ways to improve their symptoms and feel better. CureRate is entirely not-for-profit. Their goal is to get the word out to as many people as possible so they can help more people living with these chronic conditions. 


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