Ecohunchbaby Is Providing Healthier And Safer Options For Babies To Give Parents Peace Of Mind

January 10 07:43 2023
Family-owned and operated company Ecohunchbaby has developed unique cradle and stroller designs that are better for babies’ health and sleep. Started by a group of brothers, these products are perfect for nursing mothers and their little ones.

Every parent wants what’s best for their baby. Decisions like what cradle to use can have a huge impact on a baby’s health as they’ll spend quite a bit of time there, both at night and for naps during the day. The right cradle benefits a baby’s health and aids them in sleeping better. The right stroller is also a must to ensure it will support both the baby and the mother’s needs on walks and out on adventures. 

Ecohunchbaby has designed cradles and strollers specifically for a baby’s health and safety. Created by a group of brothers with experience in the mattress industry, these products will be every new parent’s best friends. 

Ecohunchbaby’s design and difference

Ecohunchbaby began with brothers who grew up in a family-owned mattress business. During their time working for their father, they grew to understand how important quality materials were to making a good product. With engineering knowledge, they worked together along with a team of passionate mothers to develop the perfect baby products. Ecohunchbaby now offers two models of cradles and two models of strollers that provide everything a new parent could need.

The first design is the Ecobaby Cradle Pro. This four-in-one crib is foldable and transportable, making it easy to use on the go. Multiple swing speeds and the ability to play peaceful music for the baby by connecting to a smartphone make it the ideal hands-free option for putting a baby to sleep with ease. This crib is perfect for newborns all the way to 18 months old and has a perfect 5-star average in the reviews from customers. 

The Ecobaby Cradle rocks the baby back and forth, just like a mother would, to put them to sleep. It has multiple timing levels and can play soothing music utilizing Bluetooth. With great customer reviews, parents can rest assured their baby will sleep peacefully. 

The Eco Belecoo 3-in1 stroller is the only stroller parents will ever need with the capacity from newborn all the way up to 4-years old. The bassinet is removeable and reversable to suit any age and needs and has one-click folding to make it easy to stow in one’s car. 

For parents with twins or multiple young children, there’s the Eco Belecoo Twin Stroller 3-in-1. This model adds a second bassinet but boasts all the same great benefits as the original model. 


Ecohunchbaby’s cradles are great for getting babies to sleep faster while providing them with better sleep. As a family-owned company and a zero-waste company, Ecohunchbaby is also a great option for the environment to make a green baby purchase. Most importantly, Ecohunchbaby is OEKO certified to ensure all products are tested for harmful substances.

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