Ange Helie Named Top Female Trainer in Bow Valley Region

January 25 03:09 2023

Ange Helie’s journey into helping women find their sparkle began during her Post Secondary studies in Exercise & Wellness.

She tried out countless nutrition programs and exercise regimes in order to achieve her desired results – but it wasn’t until she became pregnant with her first daughter that she made a promise to never bring a girl into this world if she couldn’t love and accept her own body as it is.

AfterGlow Lifestyle Coaching is the culmination of Ange’s work over the past 10 years which provides practical guidance for those seeking change when it comes to their relationship with their bodies. It revolves around 4 core pillars: Release (letting go of old habits), Nourish (fueling your body for what makes you feel good), Connect (connecting deeply with yourself) and Glow (allowing yourself to access your inner shine). 

In her signature program, The G-L-O-W Method, Ange teaches her clients how to trust their bodies again; reconnecting with their intuition and allowing them to make choices that are best for them rather than following the latest fad diet or regime. Body & food freedom is the end result.

In December 2022, Ange took another step forward in achieving her dream by opening up her AfterGlow studio space – an office space located downtown Banff, Alberta where she meets 1:1 with clients – though she also offers online coaching for those who aren’t able to access her physical location.

In addition to coaching others through The G-L-O-W Method, Ange has also achieved great success within the Bow Valley region having been voted 3rd Top Personal Trainer at the beginning of 2021 – being recognized as the top female personal trainer within the region!

Ultimately Ange’s mission is simple: To help women create lasting change on their health journey – no shortcuts necessary! By shifting women’s beliefs around the scale, weight loss & nutrition, she helps women be more gentle with themselves, while simultaneously striving towards their health goals.

Through The G-L-O-W Method guided by Ange’s unique approach and expertise – women can take back control over their lives without feeling overwhelmed about food or endlessly counting calories!

Learn more about Ange’s signature G-L-O-W Method by visiting

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