2023 CGFW | Shanghai Art & Design Academy: Splendid Clothing

May 19 01:55 2023

Shanghai Art & Design Academy is the only independent art and design vocational college in Shanghai, the only vocational college in Shanghai to undertake the national education system reform pilot, and the only vocational college in Shanghai to be selected for the national “double high-levels” * construction programme.

The academy focuses on arts and crafts as its educational heritage and advantageous features. Over the past 60 years, it has trained over 30000 industry talents and a large number of well-known design masters, craft masters, artists, and entrepreneurs both domestically and internationally.

This press conference was jointly completed by all the teachers and students of the Fashion and Fashion Design major at Shanghai Art & Design Academy, together with Yang Yan, the inheritor of the Hani* intangible cultural heritage in Yunnan. Integrating cultural inheritance with professional construction, and combining intangible cultural heritage craftsmanship with fashionable life, this press conference fully demonstrated the more determinded steps taken by the students and teachers in exploring modern design of Hani ethnic patterns and motifs.

In order to promote the excellent traditional Chinese craftsmanship, the academy takes root in the richness of traditional clothing culture in Yunnan’s ethnic minority areas and deeply cultivates Yi* clothing. In 2018, the first “Splendid Yi Clothing -2018 Graduates’ Works Conference” was held with great success, and some original works were selected for the 2018 “Splendid China – China Intangible Cultural Heritage Clothing Show”, Shanghai Fashion Week, 17th and 18th East China Fashion Week, Kunming Fashion Week, The Chuxiong Torch Festival, Yongren Costume Competition Festival, Shenzhen Auto Show and other series of activities have received high recognition from all sectors of society. After creating a certain innovative design methodology, the academy launched the Hani clothing inheritance and innovation series – “Splendid Clothing” at the 2023 China International College Student Fashion Week.

Ms. Guo Liying, the head of the Fashion and Fashion Design major at Shanghai Art & Design Academy, stated that the faculty and student team will continue to use traditional culture and intangible cultural heritage craftsmanship as inspiration sources, deeply cultivate minority culture, leverage professional characteristics, and further cultivate students’ innovation and transformation abilities.

* “Doubel High Level”, meaning high-level schools and high-level professional clusters.

* The Hani are one of China’s ethnic minorities.

* The Yi are another ethnic minority of China, belong to the same family with The Hani. 

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