World Pavilion at 2023 HAKKA EXPO Wins 2023 MUSE Design Award for Integration of Technology Applications

October 08 19:51 2023

Taoyuan, Taiwan – The 2023 HAKKA EXPO, jointly organized by the Hakka Affairs Council and Taoyuan City Government, has been a resounding success since its grand opening on August 11, 2023. Among the two main exhibition halls, the “World Pavilion” has garnered international recognition by winning the prestigious “MUSE Design Awards” in the category of “Interior Design / Exhibits, Pavilions & Exhibitions,” presented by the International Awards Associate (IAA) in the United States. This achievement puts Taoyuan and the Hakka culture on the global map.

Embracing the Concept of “Tien Gong Ngid” (Tomorrow) through Light Imagery to Present Various Aspects of Global Hakka in Taoyuan

As the city with the largest Hakka population in Taiwan, the exhibition team centered the World Pavilion on the concept of the “Grand Theater of Light,” starting from the idea of “Tien Gong Ngid” (Tomorrow). The pavilion immerses visitors in an atmospheric experience featuring the subtle illumination of celestial skies and a theatrical ambiance. Telling the culture and life stories of Hakka people around the world. The narrative unfolds with a 360-degree spherical projection and displays elements of theater-style lighting design, as well as the large-scale circular bamboo art installations. This interplay of light and shadow highlights the diversity of the global Hakka community while showcasing Taoyuan’s technological prowess as a smart city.

Two Years of Extensive Research and Collaboration to Transform Hakka Heritage into a Technological Art Spectacle

Acknowledging the richness of Hakka cultural heritage, Taoyuan City Government assembled a team of around ten experts and scholars in the field of Hakka culture. Over the course of two years, they conducted extensive cultural research and collaborated on the exhibition’s content, involving nearly 30 expert advisory meetings. The result is a comprehensive portrayal of Hakka heritage, encompassing stories from eight major regions and twenty countries, tracing the Hakka journey from their ancestral homeland to global contributions. Additionally, meticulous attention was paid to the visitor experience, with discussions between the city government and the exhibition team addressing curatorial methods, exhibition flow, accessibility services, and emergency response, ensuring that visitors can both immerse themselves in an educational experience and explore the captivating allure of Hakka culture.

International Collaborations Elevate the Exhibition’s Visual Appeal To Create A World-Class Exhibition, Recognized by Muse Design Award in the United Sates.

Taoyuan City Government collaborated with prominent figures in Taiwan’s art and design scene, including spatial designer Professor Chu Chih-Kang, environmental artist Professor Li Hsi-Chih, and AI-generated art specialist Professor Wang Hsin-Jen. This collaboration resulted in a diverse fusion of technology and art throughout the exhibition space. Furthermore, Japanese artist Osamu Noyoro was invited to craft the main visual concept for the World Pavilion, emphasizing the significance of the global Hakka community in Taoyuan.

The MUSE Design Awards, established in 2015 and affiliated with the International Awards Associate (IAA), is one of the most influential international awards in the field of creative design. The World Pavilion’s receipt of the Gold Award in the “Interior Design / Exhibits, Pavilions & Exhibitions” category reflects international recognition of its visual design and technological applications. It also underscores Taoyuan City Government’s dedication to promoting technology and the arts, a commitment recognized on the world stage.

Welcome to Explore the Charms of Hakka Culture

The 2023 HAKKA EXPO will run until October 15, 2023. In addition to the two main exhibition halls and eight auxiliary exhibition halls, a wide array of Hakka-themed markets, landscape installations, large-scale light sculptures, and captivating performances await visitors. Taoyuan City Government has also put together various travel packages to cater to visitors from all around the world, inviting everyone to come and experience the multifaceted beauty of Hakka culture.

For more information, please visit the official website of the 2023 HAKKA EXPO:

Mayor Chang led the city government team in collaboration with an international-level group, bringing Hakka culture to the world and achieving remarkable results together.


A five-meter-wide spherical projection, showcasing the indomitable spirit of the global Hakka community through circular animations.

The floating dome responds to the changing skies and light, immersing the audience in the exhibition’s atmosphere.

The largest indoor bamboo structure with a diameter of 18 meters, offering an experience of large-scale AI-generated art.

Combined with the building’s skylight structure, the bamboo shadows create distinct patterns of light and shadow, evolving with the changing daylight and time.

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