Unveiling ‘The Dealmaker’s Handbook’: Ikemefuna Stephan Nwoye’s Game-Changing Contribution to Nigerian Finance and Law

October 12 22:36 2023

Renowned Nigerian licensed lawyer, Mr. Ikemefuna Stephan Nwoye has made headlines recently with his triumphant legal win and a much talked about forthcoming book that promises to transform legal and financial practices. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Mr. Stephan Nwoye’s recent courtroom victory and forthcoming publication demonstrate his outstanding contributions in his field of expertise.

Ikemefuna Stephan Nwoye scored a stunning victory few months ago, as the Pro Se Appellant (Appeal No: 22-1253) before the United States Court of Appeals, 2nd Circuit. This historic case pitted Mr. Stephan Nwoye against none other than former U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama and First Lady Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama; the issues involved  breach of legal advisory/consultancy contracts, unjust enrichment, intellectual property infringements and quantum meruit claims; however, Mr. Stephan Nwoye’s compelling oral arguments before an esteemed panel of judges resulted in the Appeal Court unanimously ruling in his favor, propping him to limelight in the globe legal community and cementing his status as a distinguished legal luminary.

As the legal community reaction to his extraordinary success spreads, Mr. Stephan Nwoye prepares to unveil his groundbreaking publication: “The Dealmaker’s Handbook: Legal Perspectives on Corporate and Sovereign Financing in Nigeria”. This groundbreaking book promises to transform corporate and sovereign financing practices in Nigeria while offering insights, strategies, and perspectives necessary for successfully navigating its complex legal and regulatory environments.

Prior to or in early September, 2023, “The Dealmaker’s Handbook” will be released on Amazon in e-book, paperback and hardback formats – ideal for legal professionals, scholars and business leaders, law and policymakers seeking authoritative guidance in financial and legal matters, especially in Nigeria.

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