Manga Comics Market to Hit $ 60.1 Bn By 2033, Says We Market Research

October 12 23:24 2023
Manga Comics Market to Hit $ 60.1 Bn By 2033, Says We Market Research
Manga Comics Market Size, Share, Forecast | 2033
Manga comics industry is anticipated to register 16.4% CAGR between 2023 and 2033 due the transition to digital formats has significantly expanded the reach of manga comics.

The manga comics market valuation is estimated to surpass USD 60.1 billion by the end of 2033, as reported in a research study by We Market Research

The success of streaming platforms has created a lucrative scope for manga comics market

Firstly, streaming platforms have provided a broader and more accessible distribution channel for manga content. Readers around the world can now easily access a wide range of manga titles through online platforms, eliminating geographical limitations. This global reach has expanded the potential audience for manga, increasing its popularity and readership.

Secondly, the success of streaming platforms has facilitated cross-media adaptations. Many manga series are adapted into animated TV shows or films, which, in turn, are available on these platforms. This creates a symbiotic relationship, where manga boosts the popularity of the adaptations, and the adaptations drive more readers to the source material. As a result, both manga and its adaptations thrive within this ecosystem.

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Focus on more inclusive content

Modern shojo manga has moved beyond the confines of traditional gender roles and stereotypes. Female characters are now depicted as strong, independent, and capable of making their own choices. They often pursue careers, hobbies, and personal ambitions, showing that their lives are not solely defined by romantic relationships. This shift reflects changing societal norms and the growing importance of empowering female readers. This key USP has increased the adoption rate of comics, thus boosting the growth of manga comics market.

Additionally, shojo manga has embraced more inclusive and LGBTQ+ themes. It explores different forms of love and relationships, allowing for a broader representation of romantic experiences. This inclusivity resonates with a diverse and global readership, making shojo manga more relevant and relatable to a wide range of audiences.

Webtoons is set to increase the footprint in North America

Webtoons are making strategic investments in various regions to expand their global footprint and tap into diverse markets. One of the notable regions where webtoons are making key investments is North America. The immense popularity of webtoons in the U.S. and Canada has prompted the establishment of regional platforms and offices. These localized efforts are aimed at curating content that resonates with North American audiences, further enriching the library of webtoons available. They also foster collaborations with local artists, writers, and influencers, facilitating the creation of webtoons tailored to Western tastes. With west region acquiring the taste of manga web toons the scope of manga comics market is set to favor the growth.

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Competitive landscape

Some of the major companies operating within the manga comics market are Shueisha (Japan), Shogakukan (Japan), Kodansha (Japan), Kadokawa Corporation (Japan), Hakusensha (Japan), Square Enix (Japan), Viz Media (United States), Yen Press (United States), Kodansha USA (United States), Seven Seas Entertainment (United States), Vertical, Inc. (United States), Fanfare/Ponent Mon (United States), Dark Horse Manga (United States).

In 2022, manga sales in North America increased by 6.8% in 2022, reaching a record $246 million. This growth is being driven by a number of factors, including the popularity of anime adaptations, the increasing availability of digital manga, and the growing diversity of manga titles available.

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