Global Immigration Partners PLLC Offering US Immigration Solutions for Israeli Citizens

November 17 20:25 2023
The United States is a popular immigration choice for Israeli citizens seeking new opportunities or a higher quality of life. Global Immigration Partners PLLC helps users navigate the complex laws and regulations of the US immigration system.

The United States is often seen as a land of opportunity, where immigrants can become part of a diverse population with a strong economy. Many Israeli citizens view life in the US as a chance to pursue a higher education, start their own business, or experience a new way of life. Global Immigration Partners PLLC works to simplify the complex system and help clients navigate the complicated procedure to apply for and obtain a US visa or officially immigrate. 

Visa Solutions for Israeli Citizens

Most Israeli immigrants enter the United States through a visa. With several types of visas available, the expert staff at Global Immigration Partners PLLC can help clients choose the most appropriate kind and complete the requirements to apply. 

—  B-1/B-2 Visitor Visa
Allows business or pleasure travel for up to six months. 

—  F-1 Student Visa
Israeli citizens can often visit the US for the duration of a study program, with the potential to extend the visa for practical training. 

—  H-1B Work Visa
Valid for up to three years, with potential extensions of up to six years, this visa allows Israeli citizens to work for a US employer in a specialty occupation. 

—  E-2 Investor Visa
Israeli citizens seeking to invest a substantial amount of money in US businesses can apply for this visa, which is valid for up to five years with possible extensions. 

—  L-1 Intracompany Transfer Visa
This visa is for Israeli citizens who work for a company with a branch, parent, subsidiary, or affiliate in the US. It is valid for up to seven years and can lead to permanent residency.

Streamlining US Travel and Immigration for Israeli Citizens

Many Israeli citizens find the process of applying for a US visa to be daunting, complex, and time-consuming, but the team of experts at Global Immigration Partners PLLC can help. In addition to being well-versed in the laws and regulations for each type of travel and immigration, the staff can help increase the chances of application approval by securing all the required documents and preparing them for the interview. 


Visit the Global Immigration Partners PLLC website to learn more about the law firm’s efforts to help Israeli citizens immigrate to the US. Reach out on Facebook or Instagram to connect with the company through social media. 

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