Throuple Relationships Step Into the Spotlight

February 06 22:39 2024
Egalitarian plural relationships step closer to the mainstream with America’s Throuple uniting throuples around the world.

With the plethora of media attention throuples have already been receiving in 2024, including Peacock’s Couple to Throuple reality TV show, which is set to air on February 8th, this is being touted as the “Year of the Throuple” by TV personalities such as James Whale of TalkTV. Spearheading the efforts to normalize throuple relationships are Char, Josh, and Liv, hosts of Throuple Talk Podcast, the number one worldwide podcast for alternative relationship structures. Many people are hailing Char, Josh, and Liv as “America’s Throuple”, as they are on a mission to bring help, hope, and community to those in egalitarian plural relationships and to unite throuples around the globe using every avenue at their disposal.

The primary platform for America’s Throuple thus far has been their podcast. Interviewing other throuples, they noticed a common theme amongst the triads, where they all struggled with finding resources and community. Now, Char, Josh, and Liv have been diligently working to provide solutions to these challenges.

Throuple Talk Podcast recently interviewed Rachael, Aaron, and Kasey of “Triad and True”. Rachael, who is a Stanford-trained psychologist working as a relationship coach specializing in non-traditional relationships, offers a coaching program called Defy Relationship Conformity. During the interview, Char asked Rachael, “Which resources do you see the biggest need for when it comes to throuple relationships: books, coaches, community?” Without hesitation, Dr. Rachael Meir answered, “All of the above.”

Ali Hendry, a TEDx speaker and UK-based holistic relationship coach, who herself used to be in a throuple relationship, was recently interviewed on the Throuple Talk Podcast. During the conversation, she spoke to the need for community, stating, “We need to return to community. We need to be using those resources, we need to be in those groups, talking to people, having non-monogamy elders who can share their experiences, their thoughts, their joys, their wisdom…knowing the value of community and resourcing ourselves through community is something that I recommend to everyone who’s entering non-monogamy. Find your community and connect with people. It absolutely will serve you.”

Liv agreed with this sentiment but noted that elders are difficult to find in the non-monogamy community, stating, “It’s so hard to find people who are older and wiser who have done this and can advise us. We feel like we have to make our own way to figure it out.”

This was one of the primary reasons America’s Throuple launched a private Facebook group, “Throuple Talk’s Connection Hub”, which serves as a supportive community for throuples around the world to connect. Jennifer Kaylo, host of The Open Bedroom podcast and a non-monogamy coach who has personal experience in being a part of throuples, is an active member of this online throuple community that is opening the lines of communication for throuples, regardless of geographic location.

In collaboration with professionals who work in therapy and coaching, including Dr. Rachael Meir, Ali Hendry, and Jennifer Kaylo, America’s Throuple has just launched The site is a directory of vetted therapists and relationship coaches who have experience with the throuple dynamic, making it easier for throuples to connect with services that can otherwise be difficult to find.

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