Small-Town Dreamer Launches Maintain U App, Making Self-Care Scheduling Simple and Easy

February 07 20:35 2024
Small-Town Dreamer Launches Maintain U App, Making Self-Care Scheduling Simple and Easy
Innovative app removes the challenges of maintaining a self-care schedule.

Roshunda Gulley, a former healthcare worker and now forward-thinking entrepreneur, recently announced the launch of Maintain U, a thoughtful smartphone application designed to empower users with effective self-care scheduling. Hailing from a small town in Arkansas, Gulley’s journey reflects her commitment to using tech to improve normal people’s everyday lives, no matter their background or the community they call home.

The purpose of the app is simple as it steps up to fill a critical need: Maintain U manages and coordinates the often overwhelming task of scheduling self-care activities and keeping up with appointments. Users can schedule medical activities, spiritual activities, social activities, mental health activities, entertainment, exercise, grooming, shopping, sleep, and relaxation into their routine. The app’s intuitive interface and reminder feature ensure that users never miss an essential appointment again.

Gulley’s inspiration for creating the Maintain U app stems from a deeply rooted belief in the importance of self-care for individuals of all ages, races, and socioeconomic backgrounds. She emphasizes, “My dream was to create something useful that could be accessed by many. Self-care is an important part of mental health and total well-being. Lack of self-care can negatively affect the well-being of anyone of any age, race, or class.”

Research supports Gulley’s vision, indicating that practicing regular self-care promotes positive outcomes, fosters resilience, can extend life, help manage stress, and skyrocket happiness.

Maintain U’s initial focus on health-related appointments is just the beginning. Gulley envisions expanding the app’s capabilities to include features related to vacations, entertainment, fitness, and more. These areas are expected to be added to the app’s options soon.

Gulley’s small-town roots in Arkansas, where access to technology was limited, showcase her determination to overcome challenges and turn dreams into reality. The Maintain U app represents the culmination of her dedication to improving the lives of users in an impactful way.

In her words, “Self-care is a universal need, and everyone deserves access to tools that can help them prioritize their well-being. The Maintain U app is my contribution to making self-care simple, accessible, and effective for everyone.”

The early feedback for the app has been very positive.

Christine S., from Washington, remarked in a five-star review, “I am so bad at taking care of my self-care needs. Maintain U has solved that problem. I am so much happier! Thank you.”

For more information about the Maintain U app visit Download the app from the Google Play store here.

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