A Catalonian Voice Echoing Beyond the Silence – Àngels.cat Presents a Fusion of Rich Symphonies

March 24 13:16 2024
A Catalonian Voice Echoing Beyond the Silence - Àngels.cat Presents a Fusion of Rich Symphonies
Unveiling the transformative voyage of a Barcelona-based singer-songwriter, Àngels.cat’s “Res no Canviarà” is amongst one of many matchless drops

Àngels Medrano García, with her roots firmly planted in the fertile grounds of Catalonia’s rich musical heritage, brings forth a unique blend of storytelling and melody. As a singer/songwriter, her compositions are not just songs but journeys into the heart of her experiences, imbued with the soul of her homeland. Her foray into the world of music after the pandemic has been a revelation, showcasing her talents in lyrics and composition, all recorded under the meticulous harmonization of Manuel Requena at the ememrecords studios.

The uniqueness of Àngels’ musical journey is further highlighted by her innovative project – a young adventure novel accompanied by an original soundtrack. This ambitious endeavor seeks to merge the worlds of literature and music, inviting collaborators to bring this novel to life, thereby opening a new chapter in cross-media storytelling.

With tracks such as: “Em Desperto,” “Res No Canviarà,” “Kuimba Na Kucheza,” and others, the artist’s rhythmic musical compositions introduce audiences to a whole new world – one which is hard to let go of. Through her songs, Àngels offers the world a glimpse into her soul, a melody woven with the threads of her life’s tapestry, inviting all to listen, reflect, and perhaps find a piece of themselves in the harmonies she creates.

Àngels’ story is one of undying passion for music and an unwavering commitment to her art. Despite the challenges faced by independent artists in a world marked by competition and favoritism, her determination shines through. From the tender age of eight, when she first stepped into the Barcelona Conservatory of Music, to the various ensembles and choirs she has been a part of, Àngels’ musical evolution has been a journey of discovery, growth, and unwavering dedication to her craft.

Her music, infused with the essence of Catalonia and the personal narratives that have shaped her, stands as a beacon for those seeking authenticity and depth in musical expression. Àngels Medrano García’s journey is not just about making music; it’s about creating a legacy that resonates with the echoes of her homeland, the stories she tells, and the universal quest for recognition and connection in the vast expanse of the music industry.

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In the heart of Catalonia, the resonant voice of Àngels Medrano García emerges as a beacon of creativity and passion in the world of music. Born from the depths of personal loss and a lifelong journey in music, Àngels steps into the limelight with a collection of songs that speak volumes of her journey, her homeland, and her vision as an artist. With a background steeped in the rich musical traditions of the Barcelona Conservatory of Music, her journey from a classical guitar student to a choir member, and eventually to a singer/songwriter, reflects a dedication to the craft that transcends mere performance.

The artist’s stunning music, characterized by descriptive narratives and emotive compositions, ventures beyond traditional boundaries to encapsulate the essence of Catalonia and the universal themes of adventure, loss, and hope. Àngels’ debut into the world of music, catalyzed by the tragic loss of her mother during the pandemic, stands as a testament to resilience and the transformative power of music.



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