AEDmaster Expands High-Quality, User-Centric AED Solutions Across Europe

May 27 19:17 2024

Amsterdam, Netherlands – May 27, 2024 – AEDmaster, a leading provider of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs), is excited to announce its upcoming expansion into the European market under the brand name Known for its unique approach and commitment to the highest standards, AEDmaster is set to bring its exceptional service and top-quality AED products to a broader audience.

Revolutionizing AED Solutions with a User-Centric Approach

Under the leadership of CEO Jaap Dijkema, AEDmaster works through a unique concept, in which they distinguish themselves in the current market. They achieve this by focusing entirely on the end user. They are central. In addition, we guarantee the highest quality by only offering FDA-approved brands. We are deliberately brand independent, offer free service for the first 8 years and have developed a unique registration system. This system fully complies with MDR legislation and helps us to provide the maximum possible service.

“We prioritize the needs of our customers above all else,” says Jaap Dijkema. “By focusing entirely on the end user, we have developed a service that truly stands out in the industry. Our commitment to quality is unwavering, which is why we only offer FDA-approved brands. Additionally, we provide free service for the first eight years and have developed a unique registration system that fully complies with MDR legislation.”

Unmatched Quality and Service

AEDmaster’s brand-independent approach allows the company to offer a wide range of high-quality AEDs, tailored to meet the specific needs of different users. Their unique registration system enhances service delivery, ensuring compliance with medical device regulations and maximizing support for customers.

As the largest online provider of AEDs in the Netherlands, AEDmaster’s expansion into Europe signifies a major milestone. The company’s dedication to leveraging the latest advancements, including artificial intelligence, promises to elevate their services even further.

Looking Forward

“We are already the largest provider (online) in the Netherlands. The good news is that we will soon be able to offer the same service and quality in the rest of Europe under the name We are proud of that.”

“Our vision is to continue being progressive and to use the latest developments to improve our services,” adds Dijkema. “By integrating AI and other cutting-edge technologies, we aim to enhance our offerings and provide even greater value to our customers.”

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About AEDmaster

AEDmaster is a premier provider of AED Defibrillators dedicated to improving public health and safety by making advanced life-saving technology accessible. With a focus on quality, reliability, and customer support, AEDmaster strives to empower communities to respond effectively to cardiac emergencies.

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